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Participation around the world in 2007!

The following is also shared on the K-12 Online Ning as a forum post, but I’m republishing it here so it’s archived as part of our conference blog.

The 2007 K-12 Online Conference has officially ended, but the learning continues year-round! What a terrific conference we had this year! The statistics on accesses of the main conference website/blog from around the world (via ClustrMaps) absolutely astound me!

The conference blog ClustrMap for the entire world shows that in the month leading up to and including the two weeks of the actual conference, 83,064 different computer IP addresses accessed the website!

K12online07 - 80,000+ Visits for the 2007 Conference!

ClustrMaps tracks the location of different IP addresses accessing a site, so each one of these access numbers does not necessarily correspond to a different person. Some of these hits are likely spambots, but most of them are likely people! The ClustrMap after day 1 (October 15, 2007) of the regular conference showed 44,056 site visits since September 16th:

Day 1: K12Online Conference 2007

Clearly we had a lot of people visiting the K-12 Online Conference website before the actual presentations got underway, and approximately an equal number of NEW visitors to the site once things got started! Last year for the 2006 conference (our initial year) we estimated that 54,000 people participated. That figure was based on an analysis of file downloads from the hosting webserver at the College of William and Mary. We will conduct a similar analysis this year. Based on these formative ClustrMap results, however, it appears safe to say that conference participation was WAY up in 2007!

Breaking down conference participation by continent, we see that participation was heaviest in North America but also distributed around the world on every continent except Antarctica!

K12Online07 Site Visits from Oceania

K12Online07 Site Visits from Asia

K12Online07 Site Visits from Africa

K12Online07 Site Visits from Europe

K12Online07 South America Site Visits

K12Online07 North America Site Visits

The K-12 Online Conference is the largest and most international education event in which I’ve ever participated! It is exciting to see that more people learned about and were able to find the conference online this year. Hopefully the conversations and sharing that will take place in the K12Online Ning and elsewhere in the blogosphere will continue to benefit learners around the world and tangibly bridge the gaps of time and space with separate us as educators.


  1. Nate Krulish

    Is there anyone out there that still participates in this blog? I am a tech teacher of 4th and 5th graders. I am trying to find ways to give many of our students an audience for their work. Many of them are struggling readers/writers. They might create better pieces of writing if other students from around the world are reading their work. I have students who are creating web pages through pbwiki.com. We would love to have “pen-pals” who can view our work and leave comments on who they are and what they have done, hopefully we could read your work as well. pbwiki could also afford both of our collective students a place to collaborate online and create projects together. Any takers out there?

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