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Tag You Are It! Help us Spread the Word about K12Online07

3 Reasons Meme

Time for a new blog meme to help us spread the word about the upcoming K12Online07 conference. Please share either three (3) reasons to participate based on your experience from last year or (if you didn’t attend last year) three (3) things you hope to gain from the experience this year.

K-12 Online Conference 2007

If you are new to memes–when you are tagged– simply create a blog post where you link to this flickr photo. Then write your 3 reasons and then tag several others who will do the same thing. After you tag someone in your post, please email them to let them know so they can help spread the word.

My Three Reasons

  1. Wonderful opportunities to meet new educational Yodas.
  2. Learn at your own pace, in your own space.
  3. Your school district isn’t offering professional development opportunities nearly this good.

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  6. Dennis Richards

    Trying to spread the word! I sent my tag out to 500+ Massachusetts superintendents and assistant superintendents, the MA ASCD Board of Directors, and 100+ ASCD Leadership Council members representing every state in the United States, Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Ontario), Curacao, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, and Singapore. Hope this stimulates interest!

    On behalf of the thousands of children whose “story of learning” will be different because of your work, thanks to everyone who is contributing.

    I can’t wait for the conference!

  7. Karla Murray

    This is such wonderful stuff! I love what Dennis says in his second paragraph! Kudos!!

    Three things:
    1) Opportunity to learn
    2) Opportunity to build networks
    3) Opportunity to change classroom culture

    This is a lot of work on the part of a few great educators. Thank you. It’s easy to see you are passionate about your work.

  8. Marsha Ratzel

    I am planning on attending this online conference because:

    1. I learned more from last year’s conference than I have any f2f technology conference.

    2. People didn’t make fun of my lack of knowledge

    3. Once I learned the material, I could go back and rewatch, reread and review the materials when I got the chance to “do” the skill within my classroom

  9. Patty Jordan

    1. I am an OLD teacher but a newbie in the web 2.0 environment and I want to learn about what I need to learn!
    2. I know there will be lots of teachers from the TLN listserve participating and I want to see their comments!
    3. I want to be a more effective teacher of students who know how to do more with technology than I do; I am not threatened by their knowledge but I want to know what questions to ask!

  10. Rebecca McFadyen

    I am attending this online conference because:
    1. I always want to know more about what’s out there!
    2. Opportunity to learn from those in the know- why reinvent the wheel
    3. It’s free and easy to access from a place as remote as Derby

  11. Anne McKague

    I’m going cause everybody else will be there.

    I want to use the technology that I tout.

    I have so much to learn and so little time. Still it seems that here, all the disparate strands that I’ve touched can and will weave themselves into a supportive ‘net’.

  12. James Gubbins

    This will be my first time attending. As a District Technology Coordinator, 1) I am looking forward to meeting new contacts. 2) I’m gearing up for T+L at the end of the month and hope to get my creative juices flowing. 3) It’s free of course

  13. gail desautels

    Hey I am blogging about k12 Online, I am watching K12 online, I am printing posters and passing them out …. and it’s working. My apologies however… I am running into some difficulties in Quebec – any chance you could throw a translator widget up on the site??????

  14. Wesley Fryer Post author

    Gail: Since we are using dotsub we anticipate presentations will be translated into different languages by volunteers in the weeks ahead. If you would be willing to promote this project among bilingual Canadians you work with in Quebec that would be great. Please see the post K12 Online in Translation for more info.

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