(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.

Need Volunteers to Help with K12Online Committees

A wise man once said, “None of us are as good as all of us,” and in that light the conveners of K12 Online 2007 are requesting volunteers to chair and serve on committees that will support the upcoming K12Online conference.

Each committee will have a convener, a chair, and three committee members, to make up a five member team.

The committees are as follows:

Media and Communications (Public Relations)- This committee will be responsible for getting the word out about the conference.

– Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (snbeach at cox dot net)
Live Events – This committee handles live events during the conference, our culminating event “When Night Falls” and fireside chats.

– Lani Ritter-Hall (lanihall at alltel dot net)
Help Desk– This committee will be the conference technical support team and will work from a proactive role in terms of recommending tools and “how-tos.”

– Darren Kuropatwa (dkuropatwa at gmail dot com)
Professional Development– This committee will arrange opportunities for graduate credit and Continuing Education points that can be obtained globally.

– Wes Fryer (wesfryer at yahoo dot com)
Accessibility Options– This committee will create a resource and be available to answer questions about ensuring that presentations are accessible by all participants, even those with disabilities.

Convener– Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach (snbeach at cox dot com)

Chair: Lee Baber
Roles and Responsibilities

  • The role of the convener on each committee is to serve as a liason from the committee to the conference as a whole.
  • The role of the chair is to organize and facilitate 2-3 meetings (Elluminate is available for your meetings) prior to our conference and to lead the committee in development of a support plan and related tasks to fulfill your committee’s purpose.
  • The role of members will be to carry out, with the chair, the purpose and plan of the committee.


If you are interested in chairing or serving on one of the above committees please contact the appropriate convener or leave a comment below with your contact information and someone will get back with you right away. We would like to have committees formed and functioning by the end of August.


  1. An

    I am from the Philippines. Your event looks exciting and informative. I do not know how I can participate. I want to but I really do not know how. Thanks!

  2. Lee Baber

    Thank you Kaj, for your interest in helping with the Accessibility Team. If you would check your email, I will be in touch so we can discuss ways to share our resource ideas for the conference. Lee

  3. Chris Betcher

    Hi, I’d love to be involved in some way. I don’t mind which area I help out in, so just put me wherever you need assistance. Looking forward to it! I’m in Sydney Australia.

  4. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Post author

    Awesome Chris!

    We appreciate your willingness to help. But it is tough to know your talents. So please just pick a committee and I’ll add you to the list.

    Do you have lots of connections? Want to serve on the PR committee? Or are you better at techie stuff and want to serve on the help desk? Maybe you’d like to help organize all the live events? Or help schools in Australia figure out educational credit? Or help Lee with the wiki she is creating on accessibility?

    Just let me know.

  5. Chris Betcher

    I’ve been on lots of committees for non-virtual organisations, and I’ve done some of these sorts of jobs before… and what i don’t know, I can learn.
    I like the idea of the PR committee (and my girlfriend is a marketing and communications genius, so I can always learn from her). I can do techie stuff too, but I do that all day at work so a change would be nice. Actually I can do most of this stuff… but it sounds like the PR would be fun…

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  7. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Post author

    NOTE: We have the Media and Communications committee filled but are looking for those who would like to serve as “Willing to Help” get the word out. If that is you… Please email Sheryl snbeach at cox dot net and put w2h in the subject line. I will be in touch shortly.

  8. Rachel Murphy

    I love the 2006 conference and moderated a When Night Falls session last year. I would like to help out on a committee if you still need help. I would like to help out with the live events or the PR or anywhere! Just let me know. Thanks!

  9. Eric Verno

    I would love to be on the PR committee. I attended several of the sessions last year and LOVED them. I was able to send a lot of information to teachers in my district about it! It is an AWESOME concept!


    ~Eric Verno

  10. Eric Verno

    I tried to watch several of the sessions in the Conference last year and LOVED it! I think the format is GREAT! I tried to tell as many teachers as I could last year. I would love the opportunity to help in any way that I can, probably on the Media and Communication Committee.



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