(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.


  1. Wesley Fryer Post author

    Registration is not required to participate as far as downloading / viewing presentations and commenting on them via the blog. I am not sure as far as the live events go– We’ll be posting more info about those as we get closer to the events. I would expect for the culminating skypecast no registration will be required. Sheryl may be able to comment on the Elluminate presos.

  2. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

    Wes is right. No registration for the live events either! We will advertise them and then post a link for joining in on the discussions.

    We look forward to your involvement in K12Online!

    Spread the word.

  3. beth gourley

    The countdown for the keynote is confusing. For example, I live in Tianjin, China–It is now 7:45pm on Sunday, 15 Oct. The conference is scheduled 12:00GMT which is 8pm on Monday (China time) –0 Days, 4 Hrs, 17 M, 13 S is not correct. It’s midleading.

  4. Darren Kuropatwa

    Of course you’re right. Sorry about that Beth. The accurate times have all been published on the agenda (see the [Agenda] tab at the top of the screen).

    The timer automatically counts down to midnight in your local time zone. I guess we’ll have to find a way of adapting it to varying time zones across the world. Not sure how to do that yet. We’ll keep trying…. 😉

  5. Wesley Fryer Post author

    Thanks Beth. We’ve removed this from the sidebar, it was an experiment and unlike the other times of conference events, we were not able to publish that for GMT time that is convertible to local time in each time zone. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the note.

  6. Michelle Krill

    Will the conference sessions become available as the week goes on? or will all the week 1 sessions be available on Monday? I have a workshop on Tuesday and wanted to be sure I have the agenda in place with the sessions that will be available. For now I’m assuming, I’ll have access to the Monday and Tuesday sessions. Is that correct?

  7. Floyd Geasland

    I cannot find the link to go to the online conferences. I have visited the presenter blogs and the timezone links, and every main page at this site and cannot find how to get to the live presentations. Also how do I get an Elumminate password to see the Keynot presentation? I was looking forwards to this morning all weekend and this is extremely frustrating.

  8. Wesley Fryer Post author

    The presentations are linked from the main blog page. In regard to live events, each Elluminate talk will be archived and posted online, on the live events page. This was done by Sheryl for the first fireside chat.

  9. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach

    You can “find” the presentations from the Agenda link (under Agenda Tab) or posted daily in the blog.



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