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A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other

Presenter: Jared Colley and Joel Garza Location: Arlington, TX and Addison, TX @jcolley8 Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how a good idea was born out of a collaboration involving three teachers who first set out to do something very traditional with their English classes. Growing from a shared interest to try something different, teachers experimented […]

Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Wesley Fryer Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA @wfryer Presentation Title: Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning Presentation Description: What ignites your spark for teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom? What sustains your spark for creativity and innovation? What can be a spark of innovation to encourage teachers who are not early adapter […]

The Promise of Leadership

Presenter: Julia Osteen Location: Nashville, TN, USA @josteen Presentation Title: The Promise of Leadership Presentation Description: True leaders make change happen. If we define leadership as influence, then the effective leader has the ability to influence others to accomplish group objectives. For far too long in education, leadership was only expected from those in supervisory […]

Mars Rover, Mars Rover, Send My Own Rover Over

Presenter: Kimberly Herron Location: Inman, KS, USA Twitter: @herronfive Presentation Description: Launch your students into developing space and science vocabulary and concepts as they follow current events of The Curiosity Rover landing on Mars AND design, build, and launch their very own rubber band powered rovers. Mission: Design and construct a rubber band powered rover […]

K12 Online Conference 2012 Call for Proposals: Learn, Share, Remix

The 2012 K-12 Online Conference is coming to a computer near you soon! This year’s FREE online conference will take place the weeks of Oct 22 – 25 and Oct 29 – Nov. 2, with a pre-conference keynote on October 15th. The 2012 theme is, “Learn, Share, Remix.” Educators and students worldwide are invited to […]

Afterglow Live Event: Join Us Monday Night, December 12th!

Please mark your calendars and adjust your schedules to join presenters, participants, and organizers of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference in an “AfterGlow” Closing Live Event on Monday, December 12th at 6:00pm PT / 7:00pm MT / 8:00pm CT / 9:00pm ET. If you’re located outside North American timezones, please use this link (2:00 […]

The Power of Projects

Presenter: Jennifer Wagner Location: Murrieta, CA USA @jenwagner Presentation Title: The Power of Projects Presentation Description: There is POWER in online projects. Come join the conversation as several projects are shared that demonstrate the “POWER” available in online projects. Plus, the conversation will continue on at the resource page where you can share memories of […]

Welcome to the World: Advancing the Digital and Physical Landscape

Presenter: Connor Janzen and Benjamin Honeycutt Location: Lawrence, Kansas, USA Twitter: @OWProject Facebook page: Open World Cause Presentation Description: Our presentation is in an audience/keynote format to engage viewers with documentary footage of the Open World cause, project history and information and a resource medium for starting a similar fundraiser or initiative-based project with online tools such […]

A Teacher’s Journey

Presenter: Dr. Christopher Craft Location: Columbia, SC, USA @crafty184 Presentation Title: Sandbox Play Keynote: A Teacher’s Journey Presentation Description: Take a look inside the classroom of Dr. Christopher Craft and explore what sandbox play practically looks like. Chris teaches kids in a variety of courses such as World Languages, Media Technologies, and Broadcast Journalism. Presentation: […]

Lead the World

Presenters: Vicki Davis, Julie Lindsay with Curt Bonk, Anne Mirtschin, Judy O’Connell, Dean Shareski, Don Tapscott, David Warlick, Flat Classroom conference students – Doha Qatar, Suffern Middle School (Peggy Sheehy and Marianne Malmstrom), Mt. Carmel High School (Suzie Nestico), Phoenix School (Betsye Sargent), West Tisbury (Valerie Becker), and Flat Classroom Students Location: Camilla, GA and […]