Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners

Presenter: Britt Gow
Location: Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia
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Presentation Title: Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how web2.0 tools can be used in the science class to enhance learning, celebrate achievements and encourage collaboration. It includes video of student interviews, examples of student work and screencasts showing how the tools can be used. Viewers will gain a ‘digital toolbox’ to encourage 21st century learners to participate, communicate and create.

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Additional Information:
Blogs: Technoscience – http://brittgow.globalteacher.org.au
VCE Biology – http://vcebiology.edublogs.org
Technomaths – http://technomaths.edublogs.org
Twitter: @brittgow
Skype: britt.gow

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3 Responses to “Teaching Science to 21st Century Learners”

  1. Eileen says:

    It was great to hear from the students themselves on how technology has made learning easier and more interesting. The students in the videos talked consistantly on how they liked and used the wikkis and blogs alot in their learning. The teacher in the video mentioned We truly have come a lond way. that 5 years ago students would not be able to share information with other students throughout the world.

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