Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch

Presenter: Chris Betcher
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Presentation Title: Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch

Presentation Description: Scratch is a simple yet powerful programming language for children that is very easy to use yet contains many of the important programming constructs found in more “grown up” languages.
This presentation looks at some of the key ideas behind programming in Scratch, explores some possible tasks that students could be given to encourage problem solving and higher level thinking, and finishes with a snapshot of a student view into how Scratch is making a difference to learning.

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Additional Information:
Blog: www.chrisbetcher.com
Twitter: @betchaboy
Skype: betchaboy

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  1. […] this year’s K12 Online Conference I did a presentation about Scratch, called Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch.  It’s trying to squeeze a lot of stuff into a small space, since the presentations are […]

  2. IN the post-publication comments on my blog, it was suggested that a great resource for Scratch would be to come up with a list of graded challenges that kids could work on using Scratch.

    I’m imagining a wiki-like resource which could act as a clearinghouse for good scratch tasks, ideas and challenges that could be given to kids to allow them to flex their Scratch muscles. They could be graded into beginner, easy, medium, hard and “for the experts” and teachers could use the collection as a place to find idea for what their kids could try to do with Scratch.

    What do you think?

    We are looking for others who might like to contribute to the collection. If you’d like to add your ideas drop over to the wiki at http://chrisbetcher.com/scratch and register your interest… I’ll arrange a time to share ideas together, or whatever else we need to do to make it happen.

  3. […] It was so exciting to learn about Scratch together with my students today, and see how clever many of them had already been "peeking" at the code / scripts of other Scratch projects to learn how people created different effects! The student who made "Hide and Seek" created her short project using the basic Scratch blocks we went over in class using the "Scratch Getting Started Guide" (PDF) along with the show and hide blocks and the "go to" block. This last one is REALLY important, since it permits creators to move sprites to specific x and y coordinates on the Scratch "stage." Chris Betcher discusses the importance of this block and the connections which can be made to coordinate geometry in his K-12 Online Conference 2010 presentation, "Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch." […]

  4. Kent Chesnut says:

    Chris mentions using Scratch on an iPod and iPad near the end of his talk. Anyone know what the name of the app is? I’m not having much luck finding it in iTunes.

  5. @Kent.

    Sorry to mislead you there… I found out after this presentation was published that the Scratch app was actually pulled from the Apple App Store. I had downloaded to my devices previously, which is why I mentioned it, but apparently it is no longer available.


    If it makes you feel any better, you couldn’t actually create Scratch programs using the iOS Scratch app, you could only browse and play files from the Scratch website.


  6. Kent Chesnut says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I had heard that there was a iphone app that was later pulled… but was hoping you had found something new.
    Great presentation! Keep up the great work.

    Have a great day,

  7. […] Great presentation from Chris Betcher on Scratch for K12Online Conf 2010 […]

  8. […] blog reflection about Scratch and Chris Betcher's 2010 K-12 Online Conference presentation, "Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch." I will absolutely use Scratch in my classroom. As I mentioned before, this program has incredible […]

  9. […] Scratch K12 Online Conference – Spend 22 minutes with Chris Bechter from Sydney, Australia and you will get a great introduction to Scratch and ways it can be used with elementary math students. Great integration of math and art. Very entertaining and engaging, loaded with lots of ideas! […]

  10. […] thought that watching the video Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch by Chris Betcher was really informative.  He did a great job of breaking down the basics of […]

  11. […] video “Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch” by Chris Betcher was extremely inspiring.   Scratch is an amazing tool that takes students […]

  12. […] Brittney Sprague here, and this is my video reflection over “Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch“. I really enjoyed this video, and learned so many new and exciting […]

  13. […] video”Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch.” was highly informative.  I think this will be a great tool in the classroom due to fact […]

  14. […] instruction for using Scratch which is a programming language for children. The video ( “Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch“) also shows children creating programs with Scratch and enthusiastically commenting about […]

  15. Thing 13 says:

    […] viewed the presentation Teaching Kids to Think Using Scatch.  It demonstrated free software that allows you to develop small programs. Scratch was very […]

  16. Scratch says:

    […] highly recommend Chris Betcher’s video Teaching Kids to Think Using Scratch.  He goes through the basics to get you started with scratch […]

  17. […] “Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch” by Chris Betcher (2010 video presentation for the K-12 Online Conference) […]

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