Sharing: The Moral Imperative

Presenter: Dean Shareski
Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Twitter: @shareski

Presentation Title: Sharing: The Moral Imperative

Presentation Description: This keynote looks at the new obligation of sharing for educators. With stories from the a variety of sources, the fact that we now have the ability to teach and share beyond our classrooms is moving from “nice to do” to “necessary to do”. See if you agree.


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Connect with Dean:
Blog: Ideas and Thoughts from an EdTech
Twitter: @shareski

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Sharing: The Moral Imperative”

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  12. […] working for Prairie South School Division.  His K-12 Online Keynote last year entitled, “The Moral Imperative“, really opened my eyes (and many others) on how as educators, we need to share our work. […]

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  16. […] must confess that I’m in between “La vida en tiempo real”, from JLMolinuevo and “Sharing: The Moral Imperative”, from Dean Sharesky. Such mix cannot produce good results, . So, I’m kind of on a spin to […]

  17. […] you to Dean Shareski for passionately spreading the message of “Sharing: The Moral Imperative.” Thank you to my PLN for tirelessly answering the bat signal. And thank you to the countless […]

  18. […] thinking that I’d like to share a clip from Deans SHARE-ski’s Sharing, the Moral Imperative as an intro in my Project.  I’d like to stir some passion and create a vision for sharing […]

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  22. […] person I would like to thank is Dean Shareski.  Thank you for sharing your work. Seeing your work The Moral Imperative and more recently Who Is Your Teacher has inspired me and reminded me that sharing is part of […]

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  26. […] academia. Is education the last major social organizer?   After watching Dean Shareski’s video, I felt like I’m becoming a part of something very valuable. It is true, teaching is about […]

  27. […] our second session, I simply showed a couple of apps and shared this Dean Shareski video and had participants tweet and share thoughts, while I engaged with them online.  The conversation […]

  28. […] heritage/history, or one aspect of it–kind of like the identity project highlighted in the k12 online conference video. I’m doing Social Studies Ed in the secondary school, and I’m especially sensitive to […]

  29. Robin says:

    What I now get is that I have to tap into these resources. And I have to work at sharing back–not just using, but giving back.

  30. […] I mentioned in my sessions, we are creating networked learners and we need to share. As Dean Shareski is so often quoted, “We are what we share.” There was some serious sharing going on, […]

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  37. […] chamber’, and also reminds me of how I blatantly borrowed this very idea from Dean’s Moral Imparative to Share K12Online presentation for my Transforming Education presentation. (Yes, he gets full credit… […]

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