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K12 Online Conference on iTunesU


K-12 Online Conference on iTunesU

The K12 Online Conference organizers are pleased to announce  that once again the conference will be available on iTunesU! The conference now has two Collections on iTunesU: a video collection which can both be subscribed to and downloaded to your mobile device. Click on the link for the collection you want to subscribe to and it will open iTunes for you. Presentations will be added to our channel as they are published according to our conference schedule.

In iTunesU, two options are provided to download multiple episodes: GET TRACKS and SUBSCRIBE. We recommend you choose SUBSCRIBE, since it permits you to download new episodes automatically as they are published. Subscription options are available in our iTunesU channel for each year of the conference. (Eventually we’ll add ALL 150+ presentations to our collection!)

All of the presentations are available as video recordings, and as time permits, our “archivists committee” will be adding past years’ presentations into the collections. Special thanks to the Arizona State Department of Education, Arizona State Universitythe IDEAL Community, alt^I (Applied Learning Technologies Institute) and Apple for facilitating our access to iTunesU!

A linked image for “K12 Online on iTunesU“ has been added to our right sidebar. After clicking the direct link to our iTunesU Collections,  iTunes should launch on your computer and take you to our collection page within the Arizona IDEAL eLearning Platform, in the Professional Development category.

If you do not already have iTunes installed on your computer, you can download it free from Apple.

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About Peggy George

About Peggy George

Peggy is a retired educator who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and has been a professional educator for over 50 years with many roles including principal, teacher, special education director and university pre-service teacher education instructor. She hosts the weekly Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinars, is a STAR Discovery Educator and member of the K12 Online Conference Organizer Team. She is an Organizer for EdCampPhoenix and a regular volunteer moderator in all of the virtual conferences hosted by Steve Hargadon via the Learning Revolution.


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