Kicking it up a Notch
Interactive tools for remote and synchronous mentoring

Michele Wong Kung Fong Denton, TX, USA



Bio: Michèle Wong Kung Fong recently graduated with a Master’s in Graphic Design from North Carolina State University. She is now an assistant professor in Communication Design at the University of North Texas. In her research, Michèle investigates the intersection of design, technology and education. Her latest project addressed remote and synchronous peer-to-peer tutoring. She designed conditions for an interactive interface that supports the learning preferences of a middle-school concrete learner being mentored by a college student mentor. Michèle’s interface builds on existing research in learning, cognition, activity theory and social networking as it sets up conditions for more meaningful learning. Michèle intends to pursue her research in distance education and communication and has an interest in not only discourse about but actions towards the future of design education.

Presentation Description:This presentation addresses the intersection of design, education and tecnology. It investigates the design of remote mentoring interfaces. It questions ways in which the design of interactive tools can support the remote and synchronous mentoring of a middle school learner by a college student through concrete representation of abstract concepts. It looks at ways in which the design of interactive educational tools can be informed by learning styles and preferences for more more meaningful learning experiences. While this presentation focuses on specific variables such as concrete middle school learners, peer to peer mentoring and science as the subject being mentored, it shows the potential for strategies to be transferred to other educational contexts. The presentation will include demonstrations of ways in which interactivity can promote meaningful learning at the different stages of the learning process as well as ways in which characteristics of social networking portals can be appropriated for remote mentoring purposes.


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Interactive tools for remote and synchronous mentoring”

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