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“Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technologies”

Dr. Laurie Fowler Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA

Bio: Laurie Fowler from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, has 19 years of experience in education from teaching high school Latin and English to training teachers to integrate technology to providing an entire school district with high quality professional development. She loves all things geeky and loves to explore new tools. Currently, she owns her own professional development company called Ready, Set, Think!
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Presentation Title: “Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technologies”
Description: Our focus is on new texts and new technologies that educators can use to support readers. The tools of Web 2.0 offer teachers new ways to help students become better readers. We will focus on three main tools to allow our students to develop 21st century reading skills. First, we use blogs as tools for literature response. Next, we will use wikis to create online word walls to teach students new vocabulary. Finally, we will use podcasts to respond to literature through book reviews and author studies.

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“Reading Revolution: New Texts and New Technologies””

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