Getting Started
“Never Too Young”

Sharon Betts Maine, USA

Bio: Sharon has been in education for over 30 years. Each of those years has brought her new ideas and challenges. She is presently the Educational Technology Coordinator for a K12 district in Maine. Sharon’s main responsibility is to the teachers and students of the district emphasizing professional development to enable them to fully use technology tools in transforming education. She has presented at national, state and local conferences in many learning areas including open source, 21st century technology tools and personal learning networks.
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Presentation Title: “Never Too Young”
Description: Teachers of our youngest students are often left behind when trying to implement new technologies into their curriculum. They may receive the “hand-me-down” equipment and issues related to teaching the youngest classrooms are not addressed through in-service. This presentation demonstrates 3 web 2.0 tools that are ideal for transforming learning to students in the early grades: Voicethread, Dipity and Blogging. The presentation consists of a screencast with a supporting wiki for links, examples and extended resources. Authentic student projects will be used in the demonstration and information given on implementation strategies for the teacher.

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25 Responses to “Getting Started
“Never Too Young””

  1. Sharon…
    You did a great job explaining these three tools. The fact that you showed how to use them should be a plus. This is a good video for teacher in-service.

  2. Sharon,
    Thank you for expressively addressing the younger age group that, as you mention, gets overlooked many times at presentations and conferences. As a Technology Integration Facilitator in a PreK-6th grade school, I have found that especially the younger grades are able to integrate with more flexibility into their daily routine. Our younger grades are doing amazing projects well beyond what we would have thought them capable.

  3. Sharon Betts says:

    Thank you both – Janice and Silvia – for your kind comments. I do so love working with the youngest set. Their enthusiasm and creativity are so motivating.

  4. Kathy Balek says:

    Hi! I am a Kindergarten teacher and we have used both VoiceThread and a classroom blog. The kids love anything to do with technology. I was very excited to learn about Dipity! It looks like something we can use in our classrooms. Thanks!

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  7. Thanks Sharon for a very informative presentation. As an elementary technology facilitator I find it challenging to find compelling ways to use web 2.0 tools with early elementary students.

    Read my full reflection.

  8. carla says:

    I like the idea of having students from different grades and places interacting with each other, such as K and middle schoolers participating in an interactive reading session.

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  17. Thanks for making a presentation that was easy to hear and follow along with. I look forward to trying out the resources you suggested.

  18. Sharon Betts says:

    I just took a moment to stop in and view the comments on my presentation. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to give feedback and to mention my session. I am pleased to see so many early educators jumping into the technology circle with their students.

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  21. Derick Jones says:

    I certainly feel that exposure to the right kind of technology at any age only helps kids learn better. Excellent presentations.

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