A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget!

Presenter: Karyn Keenan
Location: Chicago, Illinois USA
Twitter: @karynteaches

Presentation Description: In this presentation, Karyn shares how she takes her primary students on a digital journey without a budget! First, Karyn will convince you why you should blog with your students. Then you will learn how to set up blogs on Kidblog and get your kids blogging and commenting. Karyn will also share how the use of tools like VoiceThread and AudioBoo can enhance your blogging experience!

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5 Responses to “A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget!”

  1. […] with Primary Students and No Budget! By Karyn Keenan Oct31 I enjoyed this presentation by Karyn Keenan as this gives students an opportunity to learn about things that they may not be able to bring into […]

  2. […] A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget explains how even those teachers without a budget can incorporate technology into their classroom. With the help of non-profit organizations, classroom teachers can sign up to have computers donated to their classroom. This gives students access to learning computer programs and tools that will be beneficial for learning a variety of skills and programs. […]

  3. […] I must say that there were a lot of interesting courses with some take away ideas and some leaving me with the question, “What?”"Who came up with this?” The first course of interest for me was the “Kids teaching Kids” video. I thought the presentation by Tiana Kadkhoda was interesting at true. I can relate to the kids teach kids even in First Grade. I have somewhat used that method when a student seems to be needing extra help with something and I allow another student to help out. I found that I was agreeing with her. Of course I did not use the digital method, but her presentation was helpful. Another interesting course was ,”It’s Not About The Apps”. Mathew Newman talks about how to use your Iphone as a tool for educational learning. In the video he shared step by step  how he took pictures with his phone and edited them on Instagram . People viewed these pictures and then commented or liked them. He brought this into his classroom so students could do the same and collaborate on each others pictures. This would be good if somehow you could filter the pictures and make sure they were ok for student viewers. It was interesting to see that you can use all digital devices for educational purposes. It takes creativity!!!  My favorite course that I looked at was “A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Buget […]

  4. […] of cost, travel, substitutes, and just time in general.  I attended the session entitles, “A Digital Journey with Primary Students and No Budget” by Karyn Keenan.  Her main point was the availability of many resources that have little to no […]

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