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“Time to Grow”

How do you measure up? How do you grow from month to month and year to year in a tough profession that often lives in the tyranny of the urgent? This presentation explores ‘food for thought’ background and issues to do with growing and succeeding in a flattened educational environment and encourages you to pick several areas for improvement this year. It also offers tips for carving out “time to think”, and the development of mentorship and the grassroots movement of educators and how you can “join in.” Educators around the world can set your goals for improvement and share what they are doing this year to kick it up a notch and grow as well.

The Voices of School 2.0: School Reform as described by the words and images of the people of the Science Leadership Academy

Leading change can only happen when others believe in and then live the change leaders suggest. Listen to the voices of the students and teachers of the Science Leadership Academy through the lens of progressive, 21st Century school change.

“How Can I Become Part of this ReadWriteWeb Revolution?”

Join Alice, Bob and Cheryl, as we kick off the Getting Started strand with our keynote: How do you Become Part of this Read/Write Web Revolution? Be a pioneer and become part of the journey learning about 21st Century Skills. Team up with us and the other strand conveners for this exciting excursion.

“Asking Bigger Questions About Assessment”

How can we demonstrate that what we do with teaching and learning technologies makes a difference in student learning? My presentation doesn’t answer that question directly, but it does explore a larger historical and cultural context for the issue of student assessment. The aim is to start with complex questions of meaning and purpose so that we construct and choose our assessments wisely.

“It Simply Isn’t the 20th Century Any More Is It?: So Why Would We Teach as Though It Was?”

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Announcing K12Online08 Keynotes!

With 16 days left to submit proposals for K12Online08, Sheryl, Darren, Dean and I are pleased to announce the keynote speakers in the four strands for our 2008 conference! We are thrilled with our lineup of keynote speakers this year and look forward to hearing and viewing their presentations when the 2008 K-12 Online Conference […]