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2014 2014-Gamification

#Gamifi_ED Networked Intergenerational Learning

Presenter: Verena Roberts
Location: CALGARY
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Presentation Description: It all started with an idea put out on twitter – “It’s Ironic that my tweets about creating hunger games online learning opportunity- is the way I feel about learning.”

Lee Graham saw the tweet and started the #Gamifi-ED collaboration. Based on the Educurious “Hunger Games” module, we challenged ourselves to create an opportunity for her graduate students to take a pdf module and turn it into an open online networked experience. To add to the momentum, Vicki Davis, and her grade 9 class and Colin Osterhout joined our team – and #Gamifi-ED was formed. We all became gamemakers and took on different aspects of one giant intergenerational networked online project. Lee and Vicki worked with their students to create a rubric that evaluated serious games and created an creative commons licensed wiki full of student and teacher reviewed “serious games”. To help them, Verena organized an “Open Online Community”. Over two weeks, experts from around the world shared their experiences with the world through Google Hangouts. All of these webinars were saved as OPen Educational Resources in the #Gamifi-ED youtube channel. Finally, Colin introduced the students to Hunger Games simulations in Minecraft. Lee completed the project by challenging her graduate students to demonstrate their understanding of leadership and games by creating video “trailers” of new serious games.

The project proved the power of learning through collaboration and inquiry in online networked environments. Everyone developed an appreciation of the potential of games in education.

Additional Information:
Wiki: https://gamifi-ed.wikispaces.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGAzdAjKx64Fvw6z_kdDOTg

Higher Ed Course: http://uasleadership.wordpress.com/

Vicki Davis Blog: http://www.coolcatteacher.com/gamifi-ed-project-update1/

Edutopia Post about #Gamifi-ED http://www.edutopia.org/blog/gamification-in-education-vicki-davis

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