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2014 2014-Gamification

Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

Presenter: Harrison McCoy
Location: Arlington, Texas, USA


Presentation Title: Creating an Edventure in Your Classroom

Presentation Description: Gamification is one of the hottest topics in education today. This presentation explores how to gamify the entire classroom by creating a gaming culture in which assignments are embedded in quests that earn participants points, badges, prizes and the ability to level up in a year-long game. This strategy teaches individual accountability, collaboration, community service, leadership, academic achievement in core content areas, critical thinking and problem solving.

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  1. Marie Coleman

    Love how you were able to transform your class objectives into this gaming platform – looks like it was a tremendous amount of work and I applaud you for taking the plunge. I wonder how your students responded to it? Also, how did you measure your objectives? I’m very intrigued and want to attempt with my college Intro to Ed Tech students for at least one learning module.

    On another note – I couldn’t access the video at school without disabling the required ‘district-provided’ safety mode setting – typical filtering and one of the continued problems with innovation when faced with tradition. *sigh*

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