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2014 2014-Stories for Learning

6 Second Stories for Learning

Presenter: Ben Wilkoff
Location: Denver, CO

Presentation Description: This presentation is based upon the idea that our stories for learning should be easy to create and share. In fact, they should really just be moments of learning, told in order to capture something important that is happening in our classrooms and schools.

This presentation takes a look at 103 of my moments. In each of these “Six Second Stories for Learning” I dive into what I have learned in working with students and adults over the last decade. They are about the connections I have made and the realizations that I have worked for.

In creating these 6 second stories, I made a challenge both for myself and for anyone who watches this keynote.

I challenged myself to tell the most honest stories I could, to not hold back and only reveal the “good” parts of my learning path. I hope I did that.

I am challenging you to do the same, to tell your own “6 Second Stories for Learning” from your own contexts. So, install vine on your phone and start sharing those moments!

If you do decide to take me up on the challenge, make sure you include the hashtag #6secSFL or #6SecondStoriesForLearning.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
The David Warlick Keynote that is referenced at the end of the video is this one from the 2007 K12 Online Conference. It is definitely worth a watch:

Other Links for Ben Wilkoff:
Google+: http://google.com/+benwilkoff
Youtube: http://youtube.com/bhwilkoff
Vine: https://vine.co/u/907536965623234560

Presenter Bio: Ben Wilkoff is the Director of Personalized Professional Learning in Denver Public Schools. He has taught middle schoolers English. He has managed online communities for Edmodo and been an Online Learning and Technology Resources Specialist for Douglas County Schools. He was named the Totally Wired Teacher of the year in 2007 by Edutopia and has blogged at Learning is Change since 2004. He is married to his favorite person, and loves his three children quite a little bit. He is passionate about personalized learning, technology with purpose, and creating at least one new thing every day. In short, he teaches, and learns. A lot.


  1. Kristine Thibeault

    “Sometimes I think there’s no larger scale than being in a position to change a child’s life.”

    Really resonated with me đŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing so many very personal and sometimes difficult moments. Was in a session with Reshan Richards today at the LEARN-RÉCIT Tehcnology and Learning Summit in MontrĂ©al. He too stresses the importance of moments in the learning process. These 6 second opportunities can NOT be overlooked. Loved this idea and presentation!

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