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2013 Outside Learning

Blogging with Little People

Presenter: Bess Altman and Terra Bodkins
Location: North Myrtle Beach, SC USA

@Bessaltman    @TerraBodkins

Presentation Description: Teachers often want creative and effective ways of taking their classroom learning outside of the classroom walls and into the future. In this presentation, you will learn about the benefits of blogging, what you can do with blogging, how to get started and how to stay connected.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Blogging in the Elementary Classroom by Horry County School District (a course on iTunesU

Additional Information:
Bess Altman:

Terra Bodkins


  1. Wesley Fryer

    Bess & Terra: Thanks SO much for sharing this wonderful presentation. I saw by myself this morning, and just shared it again with my wife who has gone back in the classroom and has been unsure where to go next with technology in her classroom. I’ve setup a KidBlog for her and encouraged her to use it. Your video and clear instructions with examples are JUST the thing I think she needs to encourage her to take the next step.

    She’s planning to share your video with the other teachers at her school, and with her principal, to help them all understand what will be involved with students using KidBlog to share their work and create digital portfolios.

    Thank you, thank you!!!


  2. Susan van Gelder Post author

    Just finished watching – so much good information. I liked the way you emphasized the pedagogy – the importance of models (by other students) of reflection. I’ll be sharing with teachers.

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