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2011 2011-Level Up

iCreate vs. iConsumption

Presenter: Scott Meech
Location: Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USA
Twitter: @smeech

Presentation Description: Many argue that the iPad is the premiere consumption device at this time but it isn’t very good at creating. I want to walk through some thoughts to battle that thinking. Creating on the iPad is different but it is an effective creation device. The very nature of the device itself and how we interface with it provide for a uniquely creative environment. Effectively creating on the iPad requires a different workflow from traditional computers. Once users get proficient with that workflow, the iPad becomes an amazing creation device!

iPod video – mp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Please check out IEAR.org, EdReach.us, and SMeech.net to learn more about my work with technology and education.


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  2. Brette Lockyer

    Thanks for an informative presentation Scott.
    My classroom iPad use certainly changed when I discovered screencasting, thanks to the #slide2learn conference in Queensland Australia this year. I appreciate your tip about Explain Everything app, and have discovered its powerful ability to share creative products so easily. Thanks for this tip and others.

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