2011 2011-Sandbox Play


Presenter: Teri Gragg
Location: Brigantine, New Jersey, USA

Presentation Title: ArtiTech

Presentation Description: ArtiTech is a virtual art and technology class for elementary age students created at the Brigantine Elementary School in Brigantine, New Jersey, USA. ArtiTech utilizes art and technology in a virtual classroom supporting 21st Century Learning Skills.

iPod videomp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
For more information, contact Teri Gragg at tlgragg2@comcast.net. Visit Artitech at the Brigantine School District website: www.brigantineschools.org under ArtiTech IV.

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  1. Jose Rodriguez Post author

    Hi Terri,

    Art and Technology… who would have thought? My first inspiration was using kidpix in my classroom a while back. Integrating tech use into our curriculum is engaging and has benefits in core subjects as well. I have some cool artists in my classroom also. Looking forward to some more sandbox play :D

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