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2011 2011-Story Time

What If the Story Changed?

Presenter: David Jakes
Location: Naperville, Illinois, USA

Presentation Title: What If the Story Changed?

Presentation Description: This presentation is about changing the story of what we do, the challenges behind that, and examples of what that change might look like. The presentation is based in a very simple idea I’ve been exploring lately, and one based in rethinking the way in which both individuals and organizations respond to new thinking and new ideas. The presentation will challenge your thinking about traditional perspectives on education, and offer insights on how we might rethink these. I’ll begin with an introduction and then offer a series of vignettes that explore the story of change, all centering on rethinking how we approach the design of new ideas with a very simple approach you can use today. Please join me as I explore changing the story…

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Contact me | dsjakes at gmail dot com
Read what I think | strengthofweakties.org
View my presentations | jakes.editme.com
Follow me | twitter.com/djakes
See my photography | flickr.com/jodotorg
Old Skool Web | jakesonline.org
See my Web library | bit.ly/jakesresources
See my experiences | linkd.in/djakes
Skype me | david.jakes


  1. Gail Desler

    Thank you, David, for this outstanding presentation. In 32 minutes, you’ve helped clarify and justify my thinking on what could and should be happening in our schools – and simple steps to igniting change.

    I hope that as “What If the Story Changed?” goes viral, with teachers, students, administrators, and stakeholders coming together for shared conversations around “what if’s”, schools will be able to reverse the rising tide of community impatience/dissatisfaction with public education.

    With much appreciation for you significant contributions to teaching and learning,

    Gail Desler

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  3. Dave Truss

    The part of “WHAT IF?” that I love is just how exciting those questions can be…

    I have been saying that it’s time to shift from what’s possible to what’s possible, and ‘you can’t get there from here’ without the big “What if’s” leading the way. Great presentation David. Thank you!

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