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2011 Announcements

#k12Online11 Day 1 Presentations: 28 November 2011

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Welcome to day one of the 2011 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

Week 1 Presentation Strands: Storytime and Team Captains

Day 1 presentations include:

Story Time Keynote:
The World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106 by Jim Groom and Tom Woodward

Team Captains Keynote:
Playing in Public by George Couros

Story Time:
When Learning Becomes an Event! by Andy McKiel

Team Captains:
The World is My Classroom by Anne Mirtschin

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2011 2011-Team Captains

The World is My Classroom

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Presenter: Anne Mirtschin
Location: Hawkesdale, Victoria, Australia

Presentation Title: The World is My Classroom

Presentation Description: Learn how a virtual, global, and culturally-blended classroom is not just a dream, it’s a reality. Listen to stories from classrooms in a small rural P12 school that is isolated culturally and geographically where innovative technology is used to engage students allowing them to connect, communicate and collaborate with students/classrooms across the globe. This is a big classroom where:

  • blended classrooms may be global in nature
  • learning is 24/7/365
  • Experts and students of all ages learn together – learning is vertical and horizontal
  • learning goes beyond physical walls
  • global projects are encouraged
  • learning can be “˜messy’ but the learning outcomes amazing!

Listen to classroom stories, learn of favourite online tools to use and ways to use them. Explore different ways to get connected to others, join projects and how to have your students take initiative.


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Teacher blog
Class blog

2011 2011-Story Time

When Learning Becomes An Event

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Presenter: Andy McKiel
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Presentation Title: When Learning Becomes An Event

Presentation Description: As an educator, how do you make learning sticky for your students? This session will explore the concept of making ordinary lessons and projects extraordinary by celebrating even the little things that occur within our classrooms and schools on a daily basis.

Find out how you can make learning become an event by considering common elements woven through a variety of success stories and reflecting upon your own personal successes as an educator.

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Find out more about Andy McKiel:

2011 2011-Team Captains


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Presenter: George Couros
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Presentation Title: Playing in Public

Presentation Description: As social media continues to grow, the opportunity to engage in our own learning publicly and learn from others, grows with it. In this presentation, George Couros shares some examples of people “playing publicly” and learning with no end in sight. To be comfortable in doing this, leaders must show that they are risk-takers and lead by example in this environment. George shows how when leaders are willing to learn in such a public manner, it trickles down to all educators, and most importantly, our kids.


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Feel free to connect with George either on his blog (georgecouros.ca) or Twitter (@gcouros)

2011 2011-Story Time

STORY TIME KEYNOTEThe World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

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Presenter: Jim Groom and Tom Woodward
Location: Fredericksburg, VA USA
@jimgroom & @twoodwar

Presentation Title: The World’s Craziest Educational Videos Featuring ds106

Presentation Description: In this episode of the World’s Craziest Educational Videos you host detective Kim Droom takes you inside the Massive Open Online Course ds106. An online storytelling community that started as a class but has become much, much more. Some people call it a cult, others the second coming of the creative web. We report … you decide!


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