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2010-Leading the Change

Plan Less, Do More

Presenter: David Wells
Location: Montpelier, Vermont, United States
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Presentation Title: Plan Less, Do More

Presentation Description: Teachers and leaders are planners by nature. You have to make sure your students and teachers are ready to learn, have the tools they need, and have enough time to be successful. Sometimes though, you can spend more time planning than you actually spend doing. Learn how to streamline you technology goals, build capacity in your school, find strength in collaboration, and promote change by planning less and doing more.

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  1. sherry haddox

    Interesting, plan less and do more but it begins with leaders building up an environment of trust so that people can try things, make mistakes and share. This would be ideal but we also need more professional development hours for this not just for NCA.

  2. Saba Khan

    Thanks, David Wells

    it wa a nice presentation, i do hope i focus more on Planning less and doing more, but actually as a teacher planning more is more of a compulsion on us rather than a self taken decision , i do agree most of the plannings eat up a lot of time , and hence we dont have much time to impliment them,
    thanks for ur presentation

    @sabasweb on twitter

  3. Jennifer Van Gundy

    David, I liked your presentation and I agree with any of your comments. However, I currently have a principle that is strictly data based and do it my way. So, far this year all our time is spent on planning, planning, and more planning. Many teachers would say that is ideal, but I do not. 80% of my non-contact time is taken up for planning and meetings leaving me little time for labs, hands on activities, and meeting with students. That’s why I wanted to take part in your presentation. What are your thoughts on this from a principles perspective?

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