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2010-Leading the Change

Create the Future

Presenter: Kim Cofino & Julie Lindsay
Location: Yokohama, Japan & Beijing, China
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Create the Future

Presentation Description: Over the past three years, international educators and global collaboration experts Kim Cofino and Julie Lindsay have together run workshops within schools that are designed to open doors to new modes of teaching and learning and focus on the learner (teacher and student) as a communicator, collaborator and creator. A hands-on approach is emphasized in the workshops with opportunities for learners at all levels to explore, discuss and model 21st Century pedagogy using digital tools. The focus of the workshop is for participants to design an engaging, technology-rich, collaborative project to implement in their classroom. This presentation will share via video the methodology of the “˜Create the Future’ workshop and focus on participants as they work through the challenges presented during the two days.

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  1. Janice Stearns

    Thanks for providing a great presentation as well as a link to your wiki. The wiki has great examples of how to take this back to our own schools and provide this kind of professional development. I think it’s essential that we model the type of learning in our professional development that we want to see in our classrooms with students. Your plan provides this framework. Thanks for sharing always!

  2. Kristie Hutchison

    Thanks for providing this presentation for this year’s K-12 Conference. I like how you broke the structure of Professional Development and linked it to how it can also be applied in how we teach in the classroom!

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