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2009 2009-Week in the Classroom

Steal This Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom

Presenter: Mathew Needleman
Location: Culver City, California, USA
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Presentation Title: Steal This Preso! Copyrights, Fair Use, and Pirates in the Classroom

Presentation Description: Myths and realities of copyrights as they relate to multimedia projects in the classroom with Mathew Needleman.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
Creating Lifelong Learners

Additional Information:
Blog: Creating Lifelong Learners
Web Site: Video in the Classroom
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  1. Mathew Needleman

    How do you handle using copyrighted material in your own classroom?

    In what ways does teaching about copyrights enhance students’ education?

    In what ways has current copyright law not kept up with newer digital technologies?

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  3. Dr. Jacqui Cyrus

    In my previous 4 years of teaching a component on ‘Copyright Issues’ and ‘Fair User Practices’, my pre-service teachers researched the issues and created a presentation. However, in their final presentations for my class, they invariably violated those very same issues and practices. So this semester, they will be required to view your video and create their own information — whether it’s a flyer, or BLOG post, website or video. We will also discuss a few ‘case studies’ to allow for as much comprehension of this topic as possible.

    Thanks for sharing your video and your thoughts.


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  8. Rosa

    Thanks for the class! I’ve learned a lot about copyrights. I think the best thing for us is to teach our students to be creative. They are very smart and able to make excellent projects without using somebody else work.

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