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Building on Analog Success with 2.0 Technology

Presenter: Kelley Connolly & Jon Greenberg
Location: Chestnut Hill, MA USA
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Presentation Title: Building on Analog Success with 2.0 Technology

Presentation Description: This presentation will focus on an established successful 6th grade capstone project called “The Biggest Dig.” In the 5th year of this research project, myself and Jon Greenberg, the Humanities teacher, collaborated to modernize the project using web 2.0 technologies such as wikis and online note taking software.

This video includes an overview of the project, review the tools used, how we decided to transition certain project components to web 2.0 tools, student feedback, and finally, a review of the final product and our assessments.

The goal of this presentation is to demonstrate that teacher collaboration and sharing of ideas is a fundamental component to enhancing already established curriculum. The idea that you do not have to throw out everything you have done in the analog world to adapt to web 2.0 world is our central theme.

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Additional Information:
Twitter: kelleyc3
BCDS Faculty Site: http://iteach.ning.com
BCDS Mashup Site: http://www.bcdsmashup.org

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  1. Beth Lloyd

    Great to see how you took a good project and made it even better! There is no question the students benefited from you taking this leap. My favorite part was the collaboration between the faculty.

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