Flat Classroom Project Student Summits: Invitation to Join

As part of the Flat Classroom™ Project 2009-3 we are holding online Student Summits in our Elluminate virtual classroom and invite participants in the K12 Online Conference to join us. These sessions will be 45-60 minutes long and participants will have the opportunity to interact with individual student presentations as they discuss their involvement and achievements in the recent project. Participants will also be able to see how a virtual meeting that includes students and educators around the world can be successfully run as a synchronous and virtual event.  The focus is on the students, digital citizenship and online learning skills as well as cultural interaction and sharing of knowledge about the topics in the Flat Classroom Project.

Join our Flat Classroom™ Projects Group on this Ning:

Here is the link to our Flat Classroom™ Public Presentation room:

Come and join us at any or all of the following Flat Classroom Student Summit times:
Monday December 14: Beijing (BISS) International School Summit #1 11am GMT, 7pm China, Timeanddate conversion
Wednesday December 16: Beijing (BISS) International School Summit #2 12:30pm China, 4:30am GMT Timeanddate conversion
Tuesday December 15: Westwood Schools Summit #1 10:30am EST, 15:30pm GMT Timeanddate conversion
Wednesday December 16: Westwood Schools #2 1:30pm EST, 18:30 GMT Timeanddate conversion

On this day..


  1. Julie Lindsay

    TIME AMENDMENT for Monday Dec 14: Now GMT 1pm (China 9pm)

    Here is another reminder, with an amendment, for you to join me and students from BISS (China) class tonight when they present in the Flat Classroom Project Student Summit.

    All other information is on this wiki:

    I know the students would be thrilled to have you join them and hear about their involvement in the project.

    Amendment to the original email: This presentation is now starting at 9pm, (not 7pm).

    Hope to see you there!

    Julie Lindsay

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