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2009 2009-Leading the Change

Organizational Learning and Technology Collide

Presenter: Ben Grey
Location: Barrington, IL, USA
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Presentation Title: Organizational Learning and Technology Collide

Presentation Description: Using Chris Argyris’s theories of learning, this presentation describes how we can better understand the way we make decisions when planning student learning experiences and considering the use of technology. Using Argyris’s Theories of Action show us how we can evaluate our instructional decisions, and exploring Argyris’s theory of single and double loop learning establishes a strong framework that can guide our decisions of when and how to utilize technology in learning.

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Additional Information:
Blog- http://www.bengrey.com/blog

Twitter- bengrey


  1. Gail P

    I type as I listen and my head is nodding in agreement with the message. Have you been watching me as I stay after school trying to finish XYZ? Why am I taken away from my goal for the hour or two block set aside? I know that everything I do is important but it’s often not what I set out to accomplish.
    Ben has given us lots of food for thought and I just love to have these ideas running through my head as I reflect on my practice.
    This was the best presentation for me thus far in the K12 Conference.

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