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2015-Beyond the Core

Web Literacy Map Version 1.5: Read, Write, and Participate for a Better Web

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Presenter: W. Ian O’Byrne, J. Greg McVerry
Location: Charleston, SC


Presentation Description: The World Wide Web has become this generation’s defining technology for literacy. This technology facilitates access to an unlimited amount of online information in a participatory learning space. Multiple theories and years of research have investigated the literacy practices in these online and hybrid spaces. Yet, as early adopters, history’s first generation of “always connected” individuals do not have the knowledge and skills to critically explore, build, and connect online. Simply stated, students are often not provided with opportunities in school to practice the web literacies necessary to read, write, and participate on the web. The Mozilla Foundation and community of volunteers have worked to address this paradox by creating a Web Literacy Map. These efforts seek not to simply understand the web but to empower adolescents to help build a better open web.


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2015 2015-Stories of Connection

The #WalkMyWorld Project: Exploring the use of digital texts and tools as a means to connect, collaborate, & share

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Presenter: W. Ian O’Byrne
Location: Charleston, SC, USA

Presentation Title: The #WalkMyWorld Project: Exploring the use of digital texts and tools as a means to connect, collaborate, & share

Presentation Description: The purpose of this session is to bring together multiple perspectives and participants to conceptualize #WalkMyWorld as a space to explore avenues for pre-service teachers, as a tool for focusing on media literacies, and as an exploration of a community of writers. Evolving pedagogical models for new literacies and emerging technologies allow texts to unfold in new reading and writing spaces. These studies explore an evolving “community of inquiry” called #WalkMyWorld. This cross-platform poetry project cut across chronotopes of time and space as participants explored various lifeworlds by responding to and authoring multi-modal poetry.

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The #WalkMyWorld Project

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For more information on the project, learning events, and tutorials shared please visit the following website: https://sites.google.com/site/walkmyworldproject/.

All of my personal posts about the #WalkMyWorld Project can be viewed here: http://wiobyrne.com/tag/walkmyworld/