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2016-17-Design Thinking

International Panel Discussion on Design Thinking: January 20th!

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You are invited to join a live, Google Hangout panel discussion on “Design Thinking in Education,” part of the 2016-17 K12 Online Conference! International panelists include John Rinker (@johnrinker) in Nanjing, China, Brad Ovenell-Carter (@Braddo) in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Brian Lockwood (@BrianLockwood) in Copenhagen, Denmark. The live panel will held at on Friday, January 20, 2017, at 5 pm Eastern / 4 pm Central / 3 pm Mountain / 2 pm Pacific on YouTube Live. Click here to view the start time in your local time zone. Visit k12onlineconference.org/live/ to view the live video stream on YouTube (Google Hangout) as well as the backchannel chat room to interact with presenters and other participants. The panel discussion will be facilitated by Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) in Oklahoma City, and will be archived on the K12 Online Conference YouTube channel (youtube.com/k12online) for later viewing.

We encourage you to watch John Spencer’s (@spencerideas) keynote for the “Design Thinking” strand of this year’s conference in advance, if possible, which was published on January 12, 2017. We hope you will use our upcoming videoconference and John’s keynote to extend your own knowledge and understanding of design thinking, and share your learning with others!

2016-17 2016-Learning Spaces

Reimagining the Spaces in Which We Learn

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Presenter: David Jakes

Location:  Naperville, IL

This keynote comes in four parts. You can watch it one piece after the other or one at a time and take time to reflect.

Part One: Mindset

Part Two:  Landscape

Part Three: Process

Part Four: Impact

Description: It’s not hard to recognize the typical “classroom.”  They haven’t changed much.  And while we can and should honor all the learning that has taken place in that space, students today have an opportunity to learn within an ever-expanding learning space that supports entirely new connections and possibilities for their learning.  Join David Jakes as we explore the critical issues surrounding the relationship of space to learning, and how you can begin to take the steps that are necessary to create inspiring and transformative physical and virtual spaces that afford students choice and ownership of their learning.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:  davidjakesdesigns.com/collections

Additional Information:  davidjakesdesigns.com/ideas

There are many ways to take part in the discussion:

2015 2015-Maker Ed

Merry Makers

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Presenter: Steve Sherman
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Presentation Title: Merry Makers

Presentation Description: As the Head of the Imagination Chapter in Cape Town, I get to help young students and their parents get in touch with their creative juices every week. I then connect with other chapter leaders around the world and we share our ideas and experiences. I will include footage and photos in my presentation, share ideas and give you a small taste of some of our projects. I hope that you are encouraged to create a maker space at school and promote making activities to your students.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Living-Maths-191424357561419/timeline/

2014 2014-Keynote 2014-STEAM

Making, Tinkering & Design

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Presenter: Karen Wilkinson – Director, Tinkering Studio
Location: San Francisco, CA / United States

Presentation Description: The Tinkering Studio is a public space within the Exploratorium in San Francisco, where we design opportunities for people to “think with their hands” in order to construct meaning and understanding through STEM-rich learning experiences. In this talk, I’ll touch on some of the underlying ideas behind this work and hopefully show why a constructionist theory of learning is ideally suited to maker-centered education.

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2014 2014-Gamification 2014-Keynote

Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning

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Presenter: Kevin Hodgson
Location: Southampton, MA, USA

Presentation Description: Everywhere you look, young people are playing games and mostly, they are playing games on their screens. But are they merely consumers of content or are they creators of it? With a nod towards the ideas of gamifying the classroom, this keynote presentation will delve into detail around encouraging young people to design and publish their own content-area video games, while still meeting pedagogical aims of teachers. By tapping into the elements of “play” and teaching the concepts of “design,” educators can engage students of all ages in gaming in a very positive way.

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Additional Information:
My Flipboard Collection on Gaming in Schools: https://flipboard.com/section/game-design-and-learning-bs1AKc