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2014 2014 Teasers

Teaser: Gamification Keynote – Game on by @dogtrax

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Ladies and Gentleman, Educators, K12 Online Fans, Gamers or whatever you call yourselves, thanks for joining us for the k12 online conference 2014 edition!

A big shoutout to @wfryer for kicking off the the K12 Online Conference this past week with his Keynote:  Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning  Please check out if you have not done so and share with your network.  

Check out Kevin Hodgson’s Keynote Promo for the Gamification strand. It will go live on Monday October 20, 2014. 

PROMO (Game On: How Design and Play Impact Learning) by @dogtrax






2014 2014-Keynote 2014-Stories for Learning

Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

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Presenter: Wesley Fryer
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA

Presentation Title: Igniting Innovation in Teaching and Learning

Presentation Description: What ignites your spark for teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom? What sustains your spark for creativity and innovation? What can be a spark of innovation to encourage teachers who are not early adapter / innovators in our schools? These questions and more are addressed by Wesley Fryer, Rachel Fryer, Brad Wilson, Autumn Laidler, Jess McCulloch, Cheryl Oakes, Amy Burvall, Richard Byrne, Kevin Hodgson, Brian Crosby, Jennie Magiera, Jason Neiffer, Diane Woodard, and Michelle Roundy in this opening keynote presentation for the 2014 K-12 Online Conference. Come travel with us from Oklahoma City to Michigan, Chicago, Australia, Maine, Nevada, Montana, California, New York and Wyoming as we explore the theme of “Igniting Innovation” for this year’s conference. Please take the challenge posed by Wesley in this video: Record and share a short (60 second) video answering one of these questions about “igniting innovation!” Share your video on YouTube with the hashtag #k12onlineIgnite under a Creative Commons license. By sharing with a CC license you will permit and empower others to engage in “combinatorial creativity” and make combined remix videos including your ideas! Also, please make sure your video is PUBLIC on YouTube. Share the link to your video using the following Google Form:

Learn more about and participate in the K12 Online Conference on:

Contributor video clips are also available in this YouTube playlist:

Contributors to this video include:

Wesley Fryer

Rachel Fryer

Brad Wilson

Autumn Laidler

Jess McCulloch

Cheryl Oakes

Amy Burvall

Richard Byrne

Kevin Hodgson

Brian Crosby

Jennie Magiera

Jason Neiffer

Diane Woodard

Michelle Roundy

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
The supporting documents link is the Google Form for people to submit their own video link.

YouTube link is:

2014 2014-STEAM Announcements

It takes a village!

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Credit: Jen Collins

There are many people and organizations who contribute to making K12 Online happen. Here are a few we’d like to acknowledge:

Thanks to all of you for making this special event possible.

2014 Announcements

Announcing K12 Online 2014 Presenters

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Please join the organizers of the 2014 K12 Online Conference in congratulating our selected presenters for this year’s conference! As in past years, our conference is organized into four strands. Each strand has an invited keynote speaker and additional selected speakers. Our conference begins October 13th with a pre-conference keynote presentation. Strands for 2014 are:

Week of Oct 20 – 24: Stories for Learning and Games and Gamification

Week of Oct 27 – 31: Passion Driven Learning and STEAM


Wesley Fryer
Oklahoma City, OK, USA


Ben Wilkoff
Littleton, Colorado, USA

The Power of Creating in the Classroom
Jeffrey Bradbury
North Brunswick, NJ, USA

Publishing eBooks to Meet Student Interests and Curriculum Needs
April Chamberlain
Trussville, Alabama, USA

A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other
Jared Colley and Joel Garza

Fort Worth, TX USA and Addison, TX, USA

Digital Storytelling through App Smashing
Caroline Doughty
Arlington, VA, USA

Augmenting Interest in Reading with Augmented Reality
Kyle Dunbar

Alexandria, VA USA

My Journey With Technology
Cassidy Hall
Moscow, ID, USA

We Are All Connected
Tim Holt
Canutillo, Texas, USA

Digital Tools for Challenged Learners~Leveling the playing field!
Cheryl Oakes
Wells, Maine, USA

Out My Window
Erin Olson, Leslie Pralle Keehn
Pocahontas, Iowa, USA

Collaboration with TwitCast
Monte Tatom

Henderson, TN, USA

How Schools Are Preparing Students To Be Real World Ready
Chris Turnbull
Saint Paul, MN, USA


Kevin Hodgson
Northampton, MA, USA

Educational Games Now – Not later…
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen

“Creating A Classroom EDventure”
Harrison McCoy
Arlington, Texas, USA

The iPad’s Killer App
Ben Rimes
Michigan, USA

#Gamifi-ED Networked Learning about Serious Games
Verena Roberts
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

All for One and One for All
Jose Rodriguez
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Gamification: It’s not all fun and games!
Avi Spector
Montreal, QC, Canada

Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching
Sarah Thomas
Woodbridge, VA, USA


Joy Kirr
Elk Grove, IL, USA

At the Intersection of Interest-Based and Disciplinary Learning
Paul Allison
New York City, NY, USA

Connected Learning Through Google Apps
Jennifer Bloomingdale
Schuylerville, NY, USA

Mister C’s on MIC (Musical Integration Concept)
Kevin Cornell
Beavercreek, OH, USA

Genius Hour Passion Projects
JoAnn Delaney
Hershey, PA, USA

Growing Through Connecting
Donna Fry and Mark Carbone
Ontario, Canada

Moving From “Some Study I Used to Know” to Inquisitive Learning with Genius Hour & Passion Projects
Michele Haiken
Stamford, CT, USA

Web 2.0 Tools that will increase Creativity and Passion in Your Online Courses
Courtney Kofeldt
West Chester, PA, USA

Trust and Transparency
Bart Miller
Tokyo, Japan

Passion-Driven Learning in #clmooc–Supporting Teacher Agency in Making and Learning
Mallory McNeal and Anna Smith
Denver, CO and Urbana, IL, USA

Digital Citizens Make the Web
Brendan Murphy
Lindenhurst, IL, USA

Finding Your People
Cheryl Steighner
Tacoma, WA, USA


Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich

San Diego, California, USA

Minerals Education Coalition: FREE Educational Resources 2014 updates
Rachel Grimes
Englewood, CO USA

STEAMmaker Camp: Merging Classroom STEAM and Afterschool MakerEducation
Ginger Lewman
Hutchinson, Kansas, USA

Programming in Elementary Grades
Sam Patterson
Palo Alto, CA, USA

Coding/Making/Writing with Connected Learners
Melissa Techman

Charlottesville, VA, USA

Full STEAM Ahead!
Melanie Thompson
Jefferson City, MO, USA

What Makes a Quality STEM Activity?
Mike Anderson and ScottMcLeod
Pocahontas, Iowa, USA

The Mindset of the Maker Educator
Jackie Gerstein
Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

How Rube Goldberg Lead Our 6th Graders to Pursue Their Passions in STEM
Leigh Zeitz
Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA

Remember to download and share our 2014 conference flyer with other educators you know, and mark your calendar for the start of the K12 Online Conference October 14th!

2014 Announcements

K12 Online 2014 Proposal Deadline Extended

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The call for proposals for K12 Online has now been extended to September 2 at 5pm PT.


We are particularly seeking additional proposals in the STEAM and Gaming and Gamification strands, though proposals in all areas will be considered.

And, and you may have noticed, the Gamification strand has been expanded to include Gaming, so all you edu-gamers, we’d love to hear from you and your students! Minecraft, anyone?

Minecraft image courtesy of Wes Fryer

2014 Announcements

2014 Conference Keynoters and Marketing Flyer

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Organizers of the 2014 K12 Online Conference are pleased to announce our lineup of keynote speakers as well as the availability of our 2014 conference marketing flyer. (PDF) Please share this post, information and flyer with other educators you know! We’re looking forward to our NINTH year of fantastic and free learning in the K12 Online Conference! We hope you’ll not only plan to join us for the conference, but also invite other educators you know to join as well.


This year’s conference will begin the week of October 13, 2014, with a keynote by Wesley Fryer (@wfryer). During week 1 of the conference, Kevin Hodgson (@dogtrax) will share a keynote in the Gamification strand, and Ben Wilkoff (@bhwilkoff) will keynote the “Stories for Learning” strand. During week 2, Joy Kirr (@joykirr) will share a keynote in the “Passion-Driven Learning” strand. Karen Wilkinson and Mike Petrich (@TinkeringStudio) will keynote our STEAM strand. Descriptions for each of these strands are available on our 2014 call for proposals.

Please download our conference marketing flyer in PDF format. Forward this flyer and print it for display at your school in the teachers’ lounge, beside teacher mailboxes, outside your classroom, or anywhere else it can catch the attention of other educators! Many thanks to Naomi Harm (@nharm) for creating our flyer and logos for the conference AGAIN this year!

Please tweet about the 2014 K12 Online Conference using the hashtag #k12online14! Remember our online Call for Proposals is open through August 15th. If you haven’t presented before for K12 Online, or you haven’t presented in a few years, we’d love to have you add your voice, perspectives, and ideas to the learning experience of our 2014 attendees!

We also invite you to SHARE the K12 Online Conference by putting a linked version of our 2014 square conference logo badge on your own blog or other website. You can download the logo and add it to your site, linking it back to k12onlineconference.org.