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2013 Open Learning

Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

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Presenter: Bill Fitzgerald
Location: Portland, OR, US

Presentation Title: Bread and Butter: Civilization, Toast, and Open Content

Presentation Description: This presentation takes an initial idea – how to make butter in 15 minutes – and traces how to bring this initial concept into a set of openly licensed resources that can be used in a World Cultures class. The session is focused on process, so the techniques described can be used across grade levels.

The session covers planning, with an introduction to licensing and publishing.

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Additional Information:
We have covered the process of authoring open content and licensing works in additional detail in these blog posts.

2013 Outside Learning

5 Themes of Geography: Local to Global

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Presenter: Leslie Pralle Keehn
Location: Blairsburg, Iowa, USA


Presentation Description: In a year-long focus on the 5 themes, students first developed local, personal videos that put them out in the community. We shared this project with other districts, publishing their videos and viewing videos of other classrooms as well. Later, they Skyped with a gentleman from India, living in South Africa, who traveled around the poorest regions of Sub-Saharan Africa. With him, they learned about and discussed the 5 themes along with the UN’s Millennium Development Goals, taking their learning global. Finally the year-long study culminated in the students producing projects based on personal interest in other countries around the world, using the 5 themes video format from the beginning of the year.

Follow the journey of 7th grade students in rural Iowa who took the 5 themes of geography from local to global as they learned about and connected with cultures around the globe, incorporating creation, connection, collaboration, and change along the way.

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2013 Outside Learning

Making and Sharing Fugleflicks

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Presenter: Tricia Fuglestad
Location: Arlington Heights, IL


Presentation Description: Do you ever wonder if your students own the learning? They definitely would if they created the teaching resources. Fugleflicks are student-created, art-related movies made by kids for kids to teach something about art. Not only do these short entertaining resources inform our school population but those involved in creating them have a tremendously rich learning experience. Take a look behind the scenes into our process for movie-making with small groups, full classes, and the whole school. Find out how we share what we make with authentic audiences to raise the level of craftsmanship and engagement.
There are many takeaways from this presentation regardless of what you teach as you learn to put your students in the director chair, use their creativity, and apply curricular content for the benefit of all.

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Additional Information:
Fugleflicks wiki and Index (includes tutorials for creating green screen effects and animating in Keynote):


K12Online13 Day 2 Presentations: 22 October 2013

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Welcome to day two of the 2013 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.


Day 2 presentations include:


Holly Clark and Tanya Avrith: EduSlam! Ideas for Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

Jane Park: School of Open Courses for Educators


JoAnn Delaney: Science Is All Around Our Town

Jaime Wood and Peter Lindberg: Expanding Learning Possibilities through Crowdfunding Education Projects

Todd Nesloney: Connecting Classrooms Globally

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2013 Outside Learning

Connecting Classrooms Globally

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Presenter: Todd Nesloney
Location: Waller, TX, USA

Presentation Title: Connecting Classrooms Globally

Presentation Description: Kids today live in a world where they can connect with anyone at any time. As teachers we need to be utilizing the tools we have at our disposal to connect our students with other classrooms, companies, and people from around the world! This session will talk about several of the tools you have that you can start using RIGHT AWAY to connect your students to others safely!

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Additional Information:
Website: www.toddnesloney.com
Website: www.the3techninjas.org
Blog: nesloneyflipped.blogspot.com

2013 Open Learning

School of Open Courses for Educators

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Presenter: Jane Park
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Presentation Title: School of Open Courses for Educators

Presentation Description: A presentation on the School of Open, a global community of volunteers providing free education opportunities on the meaning, application, and impact of open resources and tools in the digital age. Jane Park talks about the project’s origins, its relevance for K-12 educators, and gives an overview of the free online courses, workshops and training programs that volunteers have built.

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2013 Outside Learning

Expanding Learning Possibilities through Crowdfunding Education Projects

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Presenters: Peter Lindberg and Jaime Wood
Location: Portland, Oregon, USA


Presentation Description: In a 15-20 minute video, we demonstrate how educators are using crowdfunding to expand their ability to innovate, connect to community, and test new pedagogical ideas. We share examples of several educators who have used IncitED (a crowdfunding platform for education) to do research, start new schools, buy classroom supplies, and more. Our thesis is that crowdfunding is a grassroots, democratic way to encourage community involvement in education, whether that mean simply improving classrooms or reforming entire systems. We’ll also discuss the best practices for using crowdfunding for education and some tips for starting a campaign.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
IncitED Tumblr blog: http://incitedcrowdfundingeducation.tumblr.com/

Email info@incited.org for more information about crowdfunding for education.

2013 Open Learning

Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

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Presenter: Tanya Avrith, Holly Clark
Location: Montreal, Canada and San Diego, California
@edtechschools, @HollyEdTechDiva

Presentation Title: Crowdsourcing Your Professional Development

Presentation Description: Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark co-hosts of the eduslam.me vodcast show discuss how they are using their networks to crowdsource for best practices and professional development using some of the most innovative educators in the world. In this segment, they interview Jennie Magiera from Chicago, Illinois and David Theriault from Huntington Beach, California to demonstrate how they are harnessing the power of their social networks to crowdsource their personal learning, as well as the learning of their students.

Tanya and Holly share their story and how they came up with the concept of eduslam.me and demonstrate examples of how powerful the concept of open learning can be.

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Additional Information:
Tanya Avrith’s Blog is found at tanyaavrith.com, Holly Clark can be found at hollyclark.net.

Please follow us on twitter: @edtechschools, @hollyedtechdiva and @eduslam. You can also follow David Theriault @davidtEDU and Jennie Magiera @msmagiera

Read more about eduslam on our interview with Jennie Magiera :

2013 Outside Learning

Science Is All Around Our Town

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Presenter: JoAnn Delaney
Location: Hershey, PA USA

Presentation Description: Join me and my students on this Appsmashing adventure, Science Is All Around Our Town!

Students took a picture using their device of anything that was science related in their yard, neighborhood or town. Using the location, a QR gps code was generated. Students researched to find out more about the science in their photo. The picture and GPS code was placed in the Educreations app. A screencast was completed to teach others about the science found in our sweet town, Hershey!

Each screencast was tagged by its location on a Google map, building a visual and interactive educational product, sharing the science found all around our town. We also embedded the screencasts in the LayAR, augmented reality app to try yet another new technology.

Future Vision-Work like this has the power to be shared further to make global connections. By sharing our special town map/s with other classes who might like to connect and learn together about each others work, has great learning potential!

As a result of my connected learning experience on Twitter, I want to encourage the same global connectedness. After hearing Angela Maiers, I evolved her thinking, “The smartest person in the room is the room.” My experiences led me to the belief, the smartest person in the world is the world! Let’s do our best to share this vision of connected world learning!

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Check out my Blog… http://www.domoreedu.com/guest-bloggers/blog-by-joann-delaney/hyperthink


Sci Around Town Links:

Pics taken on digital device

Qrstuff.com use to generate GPS QR code

I-Nigma QR Code,  (QR code reader) Data by 3GVision-scans code made on qrstuff.com

Side by side (photos) by Jeff and Banana-iphone app puts 2 photos side by side or above and below each other.

Chirp by Animal Systems (yellow icon) iphone app to share links/pics

Educreations on web-create acct.
Join group code
you need to sign up to access

Google Maps
Log into your Google Acct.
This is the link to my map…
Click to view student screencasts…(must be signed into Educreations and have joined with group code 98DF7D) also use street view.

LayAR web creation- https://www.layar.com

LayAR -augmented reality by BV app scanner

2013 Open Learning

K12 Open Learning – What is it all About? My Story

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Presenter: Verena Roberts
Location: Calgary, Canada

Presentation Title: K12 Open Learning – What is it all About? My Story

Presentation Description: I have been an Open Learner for just over a year. The platform for open learning is sharing. Once you take that first step, the rewards you receive are endless. This is my story about why I became an open learner and some of the projects I have been involved with. As a Soccer Mom who is searching for something better for her own kids, I am still astounded at the power and influence of open learning. This video is an honest and authentic attempt to describe the impact open learning has had in my life as an educator and learner.

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Additional Information: