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2013 Outside Learning

Making and Sharing Fugleflicks

Presenter: Tricia Fuglestad
Location: Arlington Heights, IL


Presentation Description: Do you ever wonder if your students own the learning? They definitely would if they created the teaching resources. Fugleflicks are student-created, art-related movies made by kids for kids to teach something about art. Not only do these short entertaining resources inform our school population but those involved in creating them have a tremendously rich learning experience. Take a look behind the scenes into our process for movie-making with small groups, full classes, and the whole school. Find out how we share what we make with authentic audiences to raise the level of craftsmanship and engagement.
There are many takeaways from this presentation regardless of what you teach as you learn to put your students in the director chair, use their creativity, and apply curricular content for the benefit of all.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Fugleflicks wiki and Index (includes tutorials for creating green screen effects and animating in Keynote):


  1. JoAnn Delaney

    Loved your #k12online13 presentation! I am inspired and excited to try collaborative movies with my students!!!

  2. Susan van Gelder

    You put so much magic into what the children do. Their excitement, engagement and respect for each other is obvious. So much learning! You have so much to share as do your students.

  3. Wesley Fryer

    Tricia, I am yet again completely blown away by the amazing creativity and talents, both artistically and digitally, of you, your students, and your staff. I love behind-the-scenes looks in all of the videos, but especially “I am art” & the final Common Core video. Your work is so amazing and high-quality that it is a bit intimidating to think about trying to produce at such a high level. I really want to elevate the quality of the digital stories I create with students, however, so I am very interested to start playing with some of the software programs that you are using. You mentioned iMovie and Keynote, and I’ve seen you tweet about Doink as well. What are the other main software programs you all use, and where would you recommend I start in terms of playing with other ones? I am pretty familiar with iMovie and Keynote, but not Doink.

    Have you ever taught a multi-day, summer institute for teachers on creative digital storytelling with students? If you haven’t I definitely think you should consider this. It would especially be fun if all of the teachers who attended brought a student, and everything was very production focused. If you do something like this please let me know, because I would not only like to promote it so other teachers learn about it, I would also like to attend with one of my kids. 🙂

    Amazing job on this presentation. Bravo!

  4. Tricia

    You are so kind, Wes. Thanks for all your encouraging words.

    As far as software goes, you are correct that we use iMovie and Keynote. The movie my students are making right now is about illustration. They will be singing and dancing with their own animations created in DOINK on iPads combined in their new Green Screen app. They are SO excited. The only issue we are running into right now is that they are having too much fun drawing and animating that they don’t want to stop to film. That was an unexpected consequence of adding animation to our storytelling.

    I would love to figure out a way to host a movie production workshop. Maybe someone can direct me in how to set that up.

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