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2016-17 Announcements

We Are Unlocking Learning in 2016!

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We are excited to announce our plans for K12 Online 2016!

The conference this year will be about Unlocking Learning and will be held on October 17-28, 2016. Our strands will be Learning Spaces, Student Voice, Design Thinking, and Creativity.

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We will also be piloting some exciting new formats for this year’s conference.

Based on your feedback, this year’s event will be more interactive and dynamic. We’ll have more live events and a Voxer channel going throughout the conference and beyond for discussions on each strand. We’ll be encouraging more use and interaction of our sessions throughout the year and more connections to f2f events. We will have fewer sessions to allow more focus and high quality community interactions. We’re open to other experiments as well, so if you have ideas, send them our way!

We hope you will join us, whether as a participant, a presenter, or a volunteer. Stay tuned for our Call for Proposals which will be out soon!