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2014 Announcements

K12Online14 Day Four: October 23, 2014

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K12Online2014-500x500Welcome to day four of the 2014 K-12 Online Conference! All presentations are listed and linked on our main conference schedule.

It’s the fourth day of of week one. Lots more to come!  You can always come back and watch some sessions later- everything is archived.


Today’s sessions:


My Journey with Technology by Cassidy Hall

We Are All Connected by Tim Holt

Digital Tools for Challenged Learners- Leveling the Playing Field! by Cheryl Oakes


Gamification: It’s not all fun and games! by Avi Spector

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2014 2014-Stories for Learning

Digital Tools for Challenged Learners- Leveling the Playing Field!

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Presenter: Cheryl Oakes
Location: Wells, Maine, USA

Presentation Description: This presentation encompasses Cheryl’s passion for leveling the playing field for challenged learners by using digital tools to access their learning. Tried and true apps and extensions will be shared, student comments and student examples will be available as well.

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Additional Information:
Cheryl’s web site: http://cheryloakes.com/
Cheryl Steele Oakes MEd., is an educator with 30+ years experience, a Google Certified Teacher since 2008, former technology educator, former technology and special education administrator and currently a high school resource room teacher. Cheryl also has experience as a former State of Maine- MLTI-SEED trainer, one third of the SEEDLINGs Podcast, and yearly co-host of Geek of the Week ACTEM. Cheryl has presented throughout NE, ISTE, ATIA, ACTEM and several GAFE Summits. Cheryl is passionate about Chrome Extensions and Apps as a way for challenged learners to succeed on an equal playing field.

2014 2014-Gamification

Gamification: It’s not all fun and games!

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Presenter: Avi Spector
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Presentation Description: Gamification can be defined as taking a closer look at the engaging and motivating aspects of video games and then applying these elements to a learning environment. Gamification incorporates positive reinforcement, collaboration, and recognition of achievements; it is not about bringing video games into a classroom! In this session, we’ll focus on seven key elements of Gamified classroom. We’ll also explore Gamification classroom models from two different language teachers.

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Avi Spector is a pedagogical consultant with the Riverside School Board and the RECIT FGA Regional Service. He is also a member of the Adobe Education Leaders Program. With a strong belief that pedagogy should always drive technology in the classroom, Avi helps teachers find relevant and sustainable ways of using technology to enhance learning and develop student competencies. Avi has been an avid gamer since childhood and is thrilled to see how the engaging and motivating elements of his favorite pastime are now being applied (and taken seriously!) in education.

Connect with Avi on Twitter (@a_spector) or on his pedagogy focused website at www.beyondthetools.com

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

We Are All Connected

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Presenter: Tim Holt
Location: United States

Presentation Description: What do West Texas Highways, abandoned buildings, London Based English translators, Cancer Research, and a man dressed in a pink flamingo outfit have to do with connecting our students? In “We are all Connected” Tim Holt takes the viewers through a personal journey of self discovery and learns the important lesson that we are all indeed connected, even in places where you might think we are not.

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http://holtthink.tumblr. com

Additional Information:
Tim has a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction, and another in Education Leadership. Tim has been in the education field for over 27 years, first as a teacher, then an education facilitator, a researcher, and a Director of Instructional Technology. And if you count his years as a student, he pretty much has been in education all his life.

Tim is a past President of the Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) and as well as being a Past President of the Technology Directors Special Interest Group (TECSIG) of the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA). He is the recipient of the ISTE “Pink Jacket” award for achievement in Education Technology.

His blog, Holtthink (Holtthink.tumblr.com) was named one of the top 50 most influential Education Technology blogs for the second year in a row by Ed Tech Magazine.

Tim lives in Canutillo Texas, just outside of El Paso, where he has been a lifelong resident of the area. He is married to Lora Holt and has 4 wonderful children.

2014 2014-Stories for Learning

My Journey With Technology

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Presenter: Cassidy Hall
Location: Moscow, ID
Cassidy Hall on LinkedIn


Presentation Description: In my presentation, I share my perspective on technology integration in the k-12 environment through lessons learned throughout my sixteen-year transformation from tech savvy classroom teacher to technology integration specialist. My roles as English teacher, library media specialist, technology coach, and instructional coach and the many professional development programs I’ve experienced have all been pivotal in developing the philosophy I have today concerning technology integration. Every successful step I’ve taken along the way has been dependent on building relationships, and those that were unsuccessful lacked the vital support from teachers, students, parents, administrators, and staff to make technology integration successful. I’ll transform the lessons I’ve learned into easy guidelines to follow as you take on the challenge of embracing technology in k-12 classrooms.

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