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2013 Leading Learning

Creativity Rising

Presenter: Kelly Dumont
Location: Sandy, Utah

Presentation Title: Creativity Rising

Presentation Description: There sure are a lot of changes happening in education today, mandated this and have to do that. One of the most important things that may be getting lost in this era is the chance for teachers and students to exercise creativity. This presentation will suggest ways to keep creativity rising to the top of what happens in the classroom, despite everything else that is being imposed upon teachers and students.


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  1. Stephen Ransom

    Great job, Kelly! This is really in important part of my presentation here as well. We can’t simply ask or require students to be innovative or creative. We need to invite them to be so, as Dale Dougherty states. If we don’t allow them to make personal and meaningful connections to and with ideas and content and invite them to create meaningful and interesting things, then passion will likely gather dust.

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