(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.
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K12 Online Echo

This year we will once again be presenting the K12 Online Echo. It is hosted on EdTechTalk and will take place once a month on Tuesday at 2:00 am UTC or Monday evening in North America: 10:00 pm AST, 9:00 pm EST, 8:00 pm CST, 7:00 pm MST and 6:00 pm PST). Each show will feature one presentation from the K12 Online Conference with time to watch the presentation together as well as time for a discussion with the presenters.

Our first guests, on November 23 / November 22 in North America, will be Paula Naugle and Jan Wells. We will feature their presentation: Seeds to Success with Skype from the Week in the Classroom strand. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how to get involved in projects like theirs. We are lining up guests for future shows. Let us know who you would like to see featured. Just add your comments.


  1. Eileen D.

    I was totally impressed with the diversity of hands on learning this teacher did with her 4th grade students. The part I enjoyed the most was the one day a week special day the students had where they have the opportunity to learn any thing from photography to learning how to throw a pot. The students seem to respond in such an optomistic way. This teacher uses a great deal of technology where the students can share and communicate with students from other schools. I enjoyed viewing this

  2. Eileen D.

    I appreciate and respect that educators have a great resourceful teaching tool in sharing with and learning from other educators with different backgrounds, perspectives and ideas. Through Technology, it is possible to get away from the standard form of teaching and expand in different way to keep the student interested and involved in their learning.

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