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2010 2010-Week in the Classroom

A Week in the Classroom 2010 Keynote

Presenter: Allanah King
Location: Nelson, New Zealand
Twitter: @Allanahk

Presentation Title: A Week in the Classroom 2010 Keynote

Presentation Description: Allanah King’s presentation shows some of the things she does with ICT in her Year Four classroom in a small New Zealand school. This video was made to support the K12 Online 2010 Conference in the strand, A Week in the Classroom.


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Additional Information:
Hope you enjoy my keynote for the Week in the Classroom stand of the K12 online 2010 conference.

You can find me at-

Twitter: @Allanahk

Email: allanah.king@gmail.com

Here are some of the web sites I mention in the video…

ClassBlog : http://moturoa.blogspot.com

TechBlog : http://bling4yrblog.blogspot.com

EduBlog : http://allanahk.edublogs.org/

Delicious : http://www.delicious.com/AllanahK

Class Delicious : http://www.delicious.com/moturoa

Melville Intermediate: http://mel”‹villeroom8″‹.blogspot.”‹com/

Plinkers Ukulele Songbook : Plinkers Songbook Download

Basic Facts Wiki : http://basicfacts.wikispaces.com/

AsTTle Assessment Tool : http://www.tki.org.nz/r/asttle/

Spelling City : http://www.spellingcity.com/

Discovery Time : http://www.discoverytime.co.nz/

Ian Lillico’s Homework Ideas : http://www.boysforward.com.au/

Ewan McIntosh on Sharing : http://edtalks.org/video/eportfolios-just-good-old-fashioned-sharing


  1. Chris Betcher

    Bravissimo! Great work Allanah, and thanks for giving us a snapshot into your classroom. I love the whole Discovery Time thing you do with the kids, and the way you run the homework schedule. The kids are really lucky to have you as a teacher!

    Thanks again for having a default setting of sharing!


  2. Eileen

    Inwatching this video I have learned alot about how creativity and technology can make learning not only fun for students in a small town in New Zealand but also helps the students think out side the box. They have a day out of the week called Discovery Time where the kids can learn any thing from photography to how to draw something on a computer. The teacher was able to share and get students together from other schools to do projects..I was really impressed.

  3. Eileen D.

    I like what chris said about the whole discovery thing…..His reaction to the the video was how I felt. The speaker was defiintely into letting the students learn from each other via the standard book method

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