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2014 2014-Stories for Learning

A Tale of Three Classrooms: How and Why We Read, Write, and Think for Each Other

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Presenter: Jared Colley and Joel Garza
Location: Arlington, TX and Addison, TX

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how a good idea was born out of a collaboration involving three teachers who first set out to do something very traditional with their English classes. Growing from a shared interest to try something different, teachers experimented to understand the organic but deliberate aspects of one instance of collaboration, made possible by technology and open-minded spirits. In the beginning, however, the idea was largely traditional: to host a collaborative, inter-institutional paper conference for high school students. This is the story of how a traditional vision became the catalyst for 21st century learning practices – attempting, from there, to outline the emotional anatomy of such collaborative experiences.

New media presents promising opportunities for students and teachers together to think beyond traditional methods for collaboration, and our experience is a story about learning involving three classes that simultaneously engaged two literary texts in such a way. Collaboratively, students read more critically, thought more divergently, and synthesized their ideas creatively; they engaged in unexpected conversations, demonstrated knowledge through multiple media, and inspired creative thinking in their peers and us, demonstrating the relationship between teaching practices and student habits of mind. Digital/nontraditional collaboration empowered students to formulate questions for new audiences, to understand through practice the relationship between purpose, audience, and word – doing so by blogging articles, preparing videos, and recording audio mp3s. The story concludes with the final composition of traditional conference papers, shared inter-institutionally, and we seek to outline the logistics and emotional realities of such an endeavor.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
A Tale of Three Schools

Additional Information:
Celebrating James Joyce’s Dubliners
Celebrating Richard III

2011 2011-Sandbox Play

Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

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Presenter: Valerie R. Burton
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Presentation Title: Tools to Create, Produce and Publish

Presentation Description: This presentation demonstrates how to use a variety of tools for teachers to help engage students and for the students to produce creative work. We examine the uses of:
1. Google Docs for collaboration, Google Forms to gather information
2. Weebly.com for ePortfolios and easy websites
3. Wordle.net for avatars, presentations and prior knowledge assessment
4. Kidblog.org for student blogs
5. WordPress.com for an assignment blog
6. Edublogs.org for a class blog
7. Photopeach.com for photomovies
8. Audacity for podcasts
9. Screenr.com for how to videos
10. Twitter.com for updates
11. PBWorks.com to create on online classroom
12. Wallwisher.com to gather ideas and other online tools

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Blog: http://2blog2share2learn.edublogs.org/
Presentations Site: http://msbisonline.weebly.com/

2011 2011-Level Up

Creating ePortfolios with WordPress

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Presenter: Dana Watts
Location: New Delhi, India

Presentation Title: Creating ePortfolios with WordPress

Presentation Description: Imagine a world where students are no longer judged by a lone essay, an individual transcript, or single letter of recommendation. ePortfolios allow students the ability to showcase their life-long learning and potential for growth well beyond the confine of the classroom walls.ePortfolios have the potential to transform the way educators access student readiness for future courses, advancement and college admissions.

Using a blog platform as the launching point for an ePortfolio, provides students the ease of sharing their knowledge with a platform that is easily transportable from one academic year to the next, from one school district to the next, one country to the next. In addition, a blog allows students the freedom of expression and power to control who and what others are reading about them on the web. Teaching students to have a handle and take control of their digital footprint is essential to their digital literacy skills.

An ePortfolio created in WordPress is a simple tool we can provide students to begin to have a place to analyze, create, evaluate and reflect on their learning as they travel on their journey of learning. This presentation illustrates the ease of creating an ePortfolio in 8 simple steps. Come play in the sandbox of blogging, and see how many doors we can open up to help celebrate learning with our students.


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2010-Kicking It Up a Notch

Planificación y Diseño de Lección en Línea a través de Blogs

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Presenter: Miguel A. Mendoza B.
Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Planificación y Diseño de Lección en Línea a través de Blogs

Presentation Description: The aim of this presentation is to show how blogs can be used to plan and design a paperless online lesson. To do that, I will start by defining what an online lesson is, its advantages and certain things we have to consider about it. I will also give a broad brush view on blogs before I start talking about planning and designing an online lesson using blogs. To end this presentation, I show a sample of an online lesson in Blogger.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Blog: http://the-ve-blog.blogspot.com/
e-mail: mmendoza97@gmail.com
Twitter: Mike08

2010-Student Voices

C^4: Leveraging The Power Of Blogs And Wikis In Student Learning

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Presenter: Dolores Gende, Chris P., Cyrus G., Emily H., Eric M. Paxton S., Pippa T., Puja M.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: C^4: Leveraging The Power Of Blogs And Wikis In Student Learning

Presentation Description:

An integral part of my Physics classes is the use of web 2.0 digital tools such as wikis and blogs among others. In this presentation my 9th grade students share their experience in the use of these tools and the positive impact these tools have had on their learning.

The students relate how the class wiki encouraged collaborative learning and information sharing by facilitating communication among the members of the class. One of the major advantages of using the wiki is that the students became engaged in conversations with one another outside of the classroom that enhanced and deepened their understanding of our class topics.

They talk about being empowered as learners in taking the lead in moving us all to the next step in our physics learning experience. And I do mean us. Through the wiki and their blogs I become a co-learner with the students, able to guide where appropriate, but also learning from what they bring to the conversation. It’s a conversation unlike a typical class conversation, because we are all on an equal footing.

The students describe the additional collateral advantages coming from blogging such as improvement in their writing skills and an awareness of the importance of being a reflective learner.

The presentation wiki (http://bit.ly/ac7kcf) includes a transcript of the presentation with relevant links to published demonstration of their immersion in critical thinking, collaboration, effective communication, and creativity.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Personal Homepage
Blog: Journey in Technology
Twitter: @dgende

2009 2009-Week in the Classroom

Blogging and Communicative competences in the EFL

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Presenter: Cristina Arnau Vilà
Location: Berga (Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain)
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: Blogging and Communicative competences in the EFL

Presentation Description: I am a foreign language teacher in a high school in Berga (Spain). We are using blogs as a tool to learn a foreign language. Here you will find three experiences I have used. I hope you enjoy it.

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Additional Information:
English time – 3ESO

English time – 4ESO

Sweden Exchange 2009

IED Guillem de Bergueda
Teaching Foreign Languages
Boundless Communication