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PD Credit

Please thoroughly read the PD expectations and guidelines first.

Organizers of the K-12 Online Conference are providing a mechanism for educators to earn formal professional development credits for documented learning from presentations shared in the conference. You can submit your reflections via this Google Form; we hope to have a repository of reflections and ideas that can be shared with all via the resulting Google spreadsheet. You will then be directed to a place to print your certificate.

It is up to the individual work place as to whether they accept the credit hours.

Registration is not required to participate in the conference or receive professional development credit. Participants submit reflections and request certificates documenting their learning and participation in conference sessions by submitting their reflections (following the PD suggested requirements) as blog comments.

After viewing and reflecting on an individual presentation from the K-12 Online Conference, to receive PD credit participants will be required to create a short reflection or other reflective media product which meets the suggested requirements for PD
In addition, each participant will be required to submit the reflection on the conference blog post for that specific session or a link to the reflective media product as well as by filling in our Google Form. All comments are subject to moderator approval, so there will likely be some delay in submitted reflections/comments appearing on the conference blog. After the Google form has been submitted,  participants will be able to display and print a certificate. It is up to the participant to attach a copy of the reflection or the url to the media response to the certificate when submitting this to their work place. 2 hours (120 minutes) of PD credit is recommended for all conference presentations. See our Guidelines for possibilities of ways to reflect on a session.
School districts are welcome to modify or create their own guidelines if district leaders want teachers to follow alternate guidelines when writing reflections or creating reflective media products.

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