(Almost) all our content from 2006 to 2017 is archived and available online under a Creative Commons license. Please read this post from June 2018 for more background and updates about our conference and current status.
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Presentation Guidelines

Goals and Core Values

We’re a unique conference. Our goals and core values set us apart from many other professional development opportunities.

Encouraging Creativity

By establishing some guidelines, we do not want to inhibit the creativity of presenters. Presenters should feel empowered to amplify the possibilities of presentation formats, styles, and content. We do, however, need to have a SINGLE VIDEO FILE for your presentation so we can archive it for posterity.

File Formats

Presenters can choose to create their presentation video using any available digital tools, but the final presentation will be uploaded by your strand coordinator to YouTube.

Remember: If possible, please use a h.264-compatible format, such as a .MOV or .MP4. You must submit only a single video file no longer than 20 minutes in length. Keynote presentations can be longer than 20 minutes, but all “regular” strand presentations should be limited to 20 minutes or less, but not too much less (should be at least 15 minutes).

Creative Commons Licensing

All presentations for the K12 Online Conference will be published under a Creative Commons license. By agreeing to present, and in submitting your proposal, all presenters acknowledge their presentation will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Note that this means you may not include external content in your presentation unless it is public domain or licensed CC BY.

This short video provides several suggested websites for creating presentations with licensed media. These include Photos for Class, MorgueFilePixabayThe Noun Project and Haiku Deck. A YouTube version is also available.

Pre-conference Release

Please do not publish your presentations publicly prior to their release for the conference. Thank you.

Teaser Videos

Presenters are encouraged to submit a short “teaser” video to introduce conference participants to their presentation. Teasers should be no longer than 2 minutes, and hosted on the presenter’s own YouTube or Vimeo channel. Please email the link to your teaser video to your strand convener, who will post it to the conference website.


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