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2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Speak Up! Transforming Classroom Discussions

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Presenter: Robert Appino
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Twitter:  @rappin01

Presentation Description: Some students enjoy speaking up in class while others don’t. This is a potential situation in many classrooms. In what ways then, can we promote more students to share their ideas?

This presentation will briefly introduce research undertaken on face-to-face and virtual discussions and discuss some of the literature involved. Based on the findings, I will also highlight some of the benefits of virtual discussions and provide links for experiment in your classrooms.

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2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Digital Tools for Differentiating Vocabulary Instruction

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Presenter: Susan Oxnevad
Location: Oak Park, IL, US
Twitter:  @soxnevad

Presentation Description: Learn to use free and user friendly digital tools to design and implement student driven learning experiences that facilitate the acquisition of deep knowledge about vocabulary. Build a tech toolkit of resources and effective instructional practices to provide students with flexible learning paths to meet a variety of diverse learning needs. Develop innovative ways to use multimedia supported tools for vocabulary instruction. Learn to create interactive graphics, design digital word walls, and explore some 10 minute tech tools for use right away.

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Additional Information:
Find more ideas for efficient and effective tech integration on my blog, Cool Tools for 21st Century Learners: http://d97cooltools.blogspot.com

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Virtual Worlds for Learning and Teaching: Power Examples to Get You Thinking

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Presenter: Scott Merrick
Location: Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Twitter:  @scottmerrick

Presentation Description: Scott Merrick has been exploring virtual worlds, a.k.a. 3D online environments, for years and has focused for the past half decade on their potentials for extending learning and teaching onto the global stage. He has been known to mashup technologies in order to get a point, or points, across. This session utilizes a live exploration of a custom-built Wallwisher.com webpage with voice narration created in Audacity. Learn a little bit about several more or less randomly selected (from hundreds existing) examples of the power of virtual environments to help establish “sense of place at a distance.” Then visit the wall itself in order to fully explore resources which a 20 minute recorded session can only overview.

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Additional Information:
My blog is http://scottmerrick.net and I also blog virtual environments at http://scottsecondlife.blogspot.com

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Thinking Big About Learning

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Presenter: Glenda Baker
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Twitter:  @glendab

Presentation Description: What does recent research say about teaching and learning with technology? What are some of the generalizations we can make about the climate and culture in effective technology rich learning environments?

In this presenation I’ll share some generalizations I found in researching this topic and explore some of the factors that support technology integration. Identifying generalizations can affirm the hunches we have and provides evidence to support our initiatives to upgrade and transform teaching and learning.

I have set a Think Big About Learning webpage with some tools for us to interact via during and after the presentation. I hope you’ll join the backchannel conversation, particapte in the polls, and post your own examples. Let’s Learn, Share and Remix ideas together.

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Additional Information:
I work at the American School in Japan as the HS Instructional Technology Coach. I write about my work on an educator blog called Digitalforay | glendabaker.net

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Creating Seven Habits of Highly Effective Professional Development Learning Experiences

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Presenter: Naomi Harm
Location: Brownville, MN USA
twitter:  @nharm

Presentation Description: Do you sometimes struggle to provide meaningful professional development opportunities to inspire your teachers? The capabilities of educational technology has the potential to radically change instructional strategies to bring about socially meaningful learning. This online webinar will showcase how an organization can move to deeper and more creative staff development practices through a kaleidoscope of blended learning opportunities.

Join Naomi Harm as she explains the potential of seven online highly collaborative tools and how you can model the use of these reflective tools and resources to build and sustain creative and meaningful staff development experiences. She will cover how to develop a vision of Web 2.0 for achieving your district’s technology literacy goals, as well as how to provide support for an online community-based reflection portal for educators to share their collective wisdom and voice, and just in-time learning for educational uses of Web 2.0.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:


Additional Information:
Blog: http://blog.innovativeeducator.us

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/naomilharm

Naomi Harm, Master of Education in Professional Development, ME-PD, best known as an 21st century educational technology literacy specialist, welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise and best practices relating to technology infused teaching and learning environments. Her dynamic career focus includes many exciting and cutting edge jobs which include: an Intel National Senior Trainer, SMART certified trainer, certified online instructor, and manages her own “Innovative Educator” consulting corporation. Naomi provides customized staff development technology workshops, grant writing expertise, and designs and delivers online graduate course work for universities. She also has a well-known specialty and expertise area of delivering motivational international keynote presentations focusing on emerging technologies, 21st century skills and assessments, mobile learning technologies, and inspired and transformative educational technology leadership. Naomi is truly passionate about building global relationships with educational technology leaders, while engaging in meaningful and collaborative conversations to meet the needs of today’s diverse learners.

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Using iOS App Affordances to Foster Literacy Learning in the Classroom

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Presenter: Richard Beach and Jill Castek
Location: Minneapolis, MN, US/Portland, OR, US
Twitter: @rbeach   @jillcastek

Presentation Description: This presentation describes students’ uses of iOS app affordances to foster collaborative reading, writing, and speaking/listening literacy practices in the classroom given the need to determine how apps can be used to foster literacy practices. By app affordances, we mean those literacies fostered through how apps are employed in activities. These affordances are not “in” apps, but rather are fostered through creating engaging activities.

We illustrate how these affordances are fostered through activities with specific examples of how California 5th and 7th graders students’ to engage in certain literacy practices. Students used the Popplet Lite concept-mapping app to identify and elaborate on relationship between concepts to address the question, what is gold? The used the Diigo and DocAS annotation apps for highlighting sections of essays about the positive and negative aspects of using wind turbines for energy use and then adding annotations posing questions about essays, annotations used for later summary writing. They used the VoiceThread app for creating presentations arguing their case for whether volcanoes, an asteroid, or a supernova led to the extinction of the dinosaurs. And, they used the ShowMe app for creating screencast presentations illustrating Mendel’s genetics theory.
One key affordance in use of these apps is the multimodal integration reading, writing, and speaking/listening. For example, they used the ShowMe app to create doodle drawings serve as visual illustrations of their voice-over talk about genetics, illustrations that, in turn, served to focus and foster elaboration of their talk.
Another key affordance is that the mediate collaborative construction of ideas and presentations. For example, in using the VoiceThread app, pairs of students would take turns in responding to the same images, as well as share their presentations with other students for their comments.
All of this suggests the importance of teachers creating activities that exploit the affordances of iOS apps in the classroom to foster literacy learning.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Blog: Apps For Learning Literacy

Wiki resource site for using apps to foster literacy learning http://usingipads.pbworks.com

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Remix Teaching Through Blended Online Learning

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Presenter: Janine Campbell
Location: Byron Center, MI USA
Twitter: @campbellartsoup

Presentation Description: Learn how you can kick it up a notch by adapting a blended online learning system. Through incorporating an online Learning Management System to organize content and engage students in class, see how I have been able to differentiate instruction and meet students’ needs. In this presentation you will see how using a blended method of instruction where traditional and digital tools combine improve productivity and solve issues that have long plagued classrooms.

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Additional Information:
You can find more information about this topic on my blog at www.janinecampbell.weebly.com

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Teaching Art in a Technology Rich and Connected Classroom

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Presenter: Tricia Fuglestad
Location: Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
Twitter:   @fuglefun

Presentation Description: Integrating technology, web 2.0, and interactive tools in the art room gives students the opportunity to enhance their 21st-century learning skills, practice creative problem-solving, and develop higher-level thinking as they create art. Showcasing student work through online venues opens your art room doors to an authentic global audience, connect students with others in collaborations, and enriches learning for all. I will share stories and examples from my technology rich elementary art room and how our online connections have enthralled, enriched and engaged my students.

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
Please take a moment to look around my website/blog to see all the exciting ways my K-5 art students use technology for instruction, art production, and connecting with a global audience. We would love to hear from you!
Website/blog: http://drydenart.weebly.com/fugleblog.html
I also share my interactive lessons with tutorials on this wiki: http://artisinteractive.wikispaces.com/Artisinteractive
Watch and use our award-winning Fugleflicks (Student-Created, Art-Related) videos: http://fugleflicks.wikispaces.com/Fugleflick_Index
and Check out my Creating on iPads page full of handouts/tutorials: http://drydenart.weebly.com/creating-on-ipads.html

2012 Kicking It Up a Notch

Keynote for Kicking It Up A Notch : It’s Not About the Apps

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Presenter: Mathew Needleman
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Twitter:  @mrneedleman

Presentation Description: As mobile devices take over we have to decide between replicating traditional classroom work with digital flashcards or infusing our classrooms with creativity. Mathew Needleman describes how taking pictures with an iPhone sparked a personal creative renaissance and how this might occur in our classrooms.


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Additional Information:
Follow Mathew Needleman on Instagram @needleworks: