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Best Open PD of 2013

K12 Online has been nominated for the Edublog Awards in the category of Open PD, and we’d love to get your vote! There are some other great nominees as well, and you can vote for more than one.

Constructing Identity with an iPad

Presenter: Claire Kreuger Location: Moose Jaw, SK CANADA @ClaireKreuger   Presentation Title: Constructing Identity with an iPad Presentation Description: “…everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.” ― Patrick Rothfuss, The Name of the Wind […]

Deeper Learning Online

Presenter: Laura McBain, Ryan Gallagher Location: San Diego, CA, USA @sdmcb, @dlmooc Presentation Title: Deeper Learning Online Presentation Description: This video shows what deeper learning looks like from the perspective of a superintendent, teacher and student. It also shows why we need deeper learning and defines the various aspects of it. Link to presentation’s supporting […]

STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset

Presenter: Vinnie Vrotny and Sheryl Peterson Location: Palatine, IL US @vvrotny and @speterson224 Presentation Title: STEAM: Creating A Maker Mindset Presentation Description: Look around a lower grade or early childhood classroom. You will see a flurry of activity, students building, constructing, and experimenting with materials. This dynamic changes in middle and high school, as these once confident […]

Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning

Presenter: Paige Hale Location: Salvisa, KY Facebook: Presentation Title: Leading by Example: Harnessing the Internet to Promote Professional Growth and Lifelong Learning Presentation Description: This presentation will explore an educational professional’s ongoing journey as a leader and lifelong learner. It will examine free online resources for promoting personal professional growth including: social media-based communities […]

Digital Portfolios

Presenter: Candice Clark Location: WV @ClarkCandice3 Presentation Title: Digital Portfolios Presentation Description: I show a cool app by PEGeeks called Easy Portfolio. I demonstrate the basics of how to use Easy Portfolio on the iPad to create student portfolios electronically. It is a simple and neat app that is easy to use and very useful […]

Making Space to Make

Presenter: Stephen Ransom, Ph.D. Location: Rochester, NY USA @ransomtech Presentation Title: Making Space to Make Presentation Description: The idea of making things is nothing new. It’s timeless. However, as culture and technology have shifted, we’ve moved, as Dale Dougherty points out, from making things out of necessity and just “being smart” to being much more […]

Creativity Rising

Presenter: Kelly Dumont Location: Sandy, Utah @kdumont Presentation Title: Creativity Rising Presentation Description: There sure are a lot of changes happening in education today, mandated this and have to do that. One of the most important things that may be getting lost in this era is the chance for teachers and students to exercise creativity. […]

Building Knowledge of Web Search

Presenter: Ann Oro Location: Roselle Park, NJ USA @njtechteacher Presentation Title: Building Knowledge of Web Search Presentation Description: Students should not be expected to suddenly sit down and complete a research project when they are in grade school. Children need time to build and scaffold their experiences. This video shares projects I complete with students […]

The Promise of Leadership

Presenter: Julia Osteen Location: Nashville, TN, USA @josteen Presentation Title: The Promise of Leadership Presentation Description: True leaders make change happen. If we define leadership as influence, then the effective leader has the ability to influence others to accomplish group objectives. For far too long in education, leadership was only expected from those in supervisory […]