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Moving From “Some Study I Used to Know” to Inquisitive Learning with Genius Hour & Passion Projects

Presenter: Michele Haiken Location: Stamford, Connecticut, United States @TeachingFactor Presentation Title: Moving From “Some Study I Used to Know” to Inquisitive Learning with Genius Hour & Passion Projects Presentation Description: How can teachers inspire and ignite learning in their content area among the demands of the Common Core and 21st Century Literacy? This video presentation […]

Trust and Transparency

Presenter: Bart Miller Location: Tokyo, Japan @barmill Presentation Title: Trust and Transparency Presentation Description: Support self directed, interest and passion driven learning in your classroom by building trust. Using simple tools and strategies to maximize transparency, we can empower students to explore their passions to engage in deeper learning and authentic inquiry. Link to presentation’s […]

What Makes a Quality STEM Activity?

Presenter: Mike Anderson & Scott McLeod Location: Iowa @MikeAnderson_34 and @mcleod Presentation Description: To create high quality STEM learning opportunities several factors must be considered. Is it hands-on? Do students have the opportunity to collaborate? Is significant content and conceptual understanding uncovered through the activity? Join us as we talk about these factors and others, […]

Finding Your People

Presenter: Cheryl Steighner Location: Tacoma, WA, USA @cherylsteighner Presentation Title: Finding Your People Presentation Description: This session will focus on the positive changes that can occur in our schools when one “finds their people,” or a group of other like-minded educators. I will discuss a variety of ways teachers can connect with one another on- […]

Educator with a Maker Mindset

Presenter: Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D. Location: Santa Fe, NM, USA @jackiegerstein Presentation Description: Being a maker educator often requires developing a new mindset; a new set of skills and roles. Discover, through this presentation, first, why we are in a perfect storm for maker education in both formal and informal learning environments, and second, through a […]

Connected Learners Need Connected Leaders

Presenter: Mark W. Carbone & Donna Miller Fry Location: Cambridge ON and Thunderbay ON (respectively) @markwcarbone  and @fryed Presentation Title: Connected Learners Need Connect Leaders Presentation Description: This video presentation captures the importance of ‘getting connected,’ the journey and the impact of being connected through a series of interviews with several Ontario based education leaders. […]

Full Steam Ahead!

Presenter: Melanie Thompson Location: Jefferson City, MO USA @mahsati22 Presentation Description: This presentation will illustrate how I transformed my library, creating a learning space for exploration and invention. The video will highlight the steps I took to make this change, from rearranging the physical space to the creation of an after school STEAM club/MakerSpace. I […]

Genius Hour Passion Projects

Presenter: JoAnn Delaney Location: Hershey, PA USA @jdelaneyJoAnn Presentation Title: Genius Hour Passion Projects Presentation Description: Genius Hour Passion Projects started with a pep talk from Kid President and 95 Hershey MS 6th grade students. The plan… What if students could learn whatever they wanted? What questions would students want to find out? What impact […]

Coding/Making/Writing with Connected Learners

Presenter: Melissa Techman Location: Charlottesville, VA, USA @mtechman Presentation Title: Coding/Making/Writing with Connected Learners Presentation Description: An overview of how to use Mozilla’s Thimble with students for creative approaches to writing. Thimble allows for easy website building and fun remixing of existing website templates. Following the success of Webmaker events with teens at the public […]

Making, Tinkering & Design

Presenter: Karen Wilkinson – Director, Tinkering Studio Location: San Francisco, CA / United States @TinkeringStudio Presentation Description: The Tinkering Studio is a public space within the Exploratorium in San Francisco, where we design opportunities for people to “think with their hands” in order to construct meaning and understanding through STEM-rich learning experiences. In this talk, […]