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How Schools Are Preparing Students To Be Real World Ready

Presenter: Chris Turnbull Location: Saint Paul, MN, United States @TurnbullChris Presentation Description: “Real world ready” is a phrase that has evolved in the education world over the past several decades. Beginning with a focus on literacy and math skills needed to be successful adults and productive members of society and being revised over the years […]

Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching

Presenter: Sarah Thomas Location: Woodbridge, VA @sarahdateechur Presentation Title: Five Steps to Level Up Your Teaching Presentation Description: The face of instruction is changing, as educators often struggle to engage digital natives. Gamification, or applying game mechanics to non-traditional settings, has proved to be an innovative and effective way to capture the interest of today’s […]

Collaboration with TwitCast

Presenter: Dr. M. Monte Tatom Location: Henderson, TN, USA @drmmtatom Presentation Description: Participants will learn creative ways to use TwitCasting for students, parents, community, administration, faculty, and staff. TwitCasting is a great way for students and teachers to share up-to-date information and receive feedback using the class hashtag. ISTE Standards addressed: ISTE Standard-S 2B: TwitCasting […]

Out My Window

Presenter: Leslie Pralle Keehn, Erin Olson Location: Blairsburg @lprallekeehn @eolsonteacher Presentation Description: Out My Window was born from a quest to have students gain global perspective. OMW classrooms share their story with the world. Inspired by the 5 themes of geography, students reveal cultural awareness & understanding through poetry & photography. Goals for the session: […]

Digital Tools for Challenged Learners- Leveling the Playing Field!

Presenter: Cheryl Oakes Location: Wells, Maine, USA @cheryloakes50 Presentation Description: This presentation encompasses Cheryl’s passion for leveling the playing field for challenged learners by using digital tools to access their learning. Tried and true apps and extensions will be shared, student comments and student examples will be available as well. Link to presentation’s supporting documents: […]

Gamification: It’s not all fun and games!

Presenter: Avi Spector Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada @a_spector Presentation Description: Gamification can be defined as taking a closer look at the engaging and motivating aspects of video games and then applying these elements to a learning environment. Gamification incorporates positive reinforcement, collaboration, and recognition of achievements; it is not about bringing video games into a […]

We Are All Connected

Presenter: Tim Holt Location: United States @timholt2007 Presentation Description: What do West Texas Highways, abandoned buildings, London Based English translators, Cancer Research, and a man dressed in a pink flamingo outfit have to do with connecting our students? In “We are all Connected” Tim Holt takes the viewers through a personal journey of self discovery […]

My Journey With Technology

Presenter: Cassidy Hall Location: Moscow, ID Cassidy Hall on LinkedIn   Presentation Description: In my presentation, I share my perspective on technology integration in the k-12 environment through lessons learned throughout my sixteen-year transformation from tech savvy classroom teacher to technology integration specialist. My roles as English teacher, library media specialist, technology coach, and instructional […]

Augmenting Interest in Reading with Augmented Reality

Presenter: Kyle Dunbar Location: Alexandria, VA USA @edtechdunny Presentation Description: Through screencasts, presentation tools and videos of interviews with teachers and students, I will share examples of students creating videos about books they are reading that are linked through the Augmented Reality app Aurasma. Viewers will hear about students drafting their videos, recording their videos, […]

#Gamifi_ED Networked Intergenerational Learning

Presenter: Verena Roberts Location: CALGARY Link to presenter’s Twitter page(s) or other profile page if not using Twitter Presentation Description: It all started with an idea put out on twitter – “It’s Ironic that my tweets about creating hunger games online learning opportunity- is the way I feel about learning.” Lee Graham saw the tweet […]