Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips

Presenter: Jayme Linton
Location: Hickory, North Carolina, USA

Presentation Title: Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips

Presentation Description: We all know that field trips can be incredible educational experiences for students, particularly students with limited backgrounds. However, with the current budget crunch, field trips aren’t always feasible. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a field trip experience for your students without leaving the classroom. Come explore resources for designing virtual field trips that will engage your students and give them new experiences. No permission forms or bag lunches required.

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Link to presentation’s supporting documents:
Jayme’s Symbaloo


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21 Responses to “Get Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips”

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  2. LOVED this session!! Thank you!!
    The national park link was very helpful for a project I am hosting in the spring….and I really learned a lot from all your tips and ideas.
    Thank you!!!
    Great session!

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  5. Kadidia Doumbia says:

    Wonderful presentation. I will certainly use the resources offered.

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  7. Kim Thomas says:

    The resources provided for the presentation are fantastic! The only problem…spent way too much time exploring!

    We will be using this presentation as part of the technology PD (Classroom Application of Technology – New Incentive Program, CATNIP) in the Madison School District in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks for providing such a rich resource for our teachers!

    Kim Thomas
    Madison School District

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  15. […] Virtual Fieldtrips — This presentation about “Getting out of the Classroom” was useful for my World History class.  Project Explorer is a site that hosts already-made fieldtrips for kids, though most of what I saw was better suited to Middle School.  Google Earth is clearly something that I’ve thought would be great to use (and I have, but only in a very basic way), and she did provide some good instructions for how to go about making a good field trip, which I might pursue later.  Her symbaloo site looks like a good resource as well, but most importantly, Symbaloo itself looks really cool, and I think I’m gonna make one!  In fact, I’m not sure if/why Delicious doesn’t at least have a view/format like Symbaloo’s.  It’s familiar looking for smartphone users (like most of us) who like the kid-in-a-candy-store layout of smartphone and tablet apps.  Her checklist (a google doc) about how to create a VFT is good too. […]

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