Coaching for ICT Integration

Presenter: Anne Fox
Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Presentation Title: Coaching for ICT Integration

Presentation Description: In this session you will find out why coaching is an effective professional development tool and how the VITAE course could help you become an ICT integration coach. You will do this by using six Web 2.0 tools to access and review the material of this session and decide on your first SMART goal.

You will do this by learning by doing and in order to access the necessary links you should have the following ScoopIt page open at the same time:

iPod videomp3 audio

Link to presentation’s supporting documents:

Additional Information:
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2 Responses to “Coaching for ICT Integration”

  1. The Grow Model video has been deleted from YouTube. I wonder if this might be the same one?

  2. AnneFox says:

    Oh dear you’re right and I can’t update my own video. Thank you so much for finding the alternative. You’re right. This IS the video I wanted to include. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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