The Sandbox Manifesto

Presenter: Angela Maiers
Location: Clive, Iowa

Presentation Title: The Sandbox Manifesto

Presentation Description: The “Rules of the Sandbox” are not just for kids. There is much we can learn as teachers, leaders, and citizens of the web and world.

See how playing nice and playing well is not only good behavior it is good strategy for success on the Social Web. Join me as we explore how the tenets of “The Sandbox Manifesto” can serve us in our classrooms and communities.


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Additional Information:

YOU MATTER- 2 World Changing Words

12 Ways to Let People Know They Matter

The Social Web: Presentation and Resources

Social Media: The New Digital Divide

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28 Responses to “2011 PRECONFERENCE KEYNOTE
The Sandbox Manifesto”

  1. […] been eagerly awaiting the beginning of the K-12 Online Conference and was not disappointed by the keynote opening segment by Angela Maiers today.  Her “Sandbox Manifesto” which compares purposeful play with […]

  2. Dave Truss says:

    Wonderful presentation Angela!

    What a great way to blend your message of “You Matter” with the concept of ‘Play’ and the ultimate theme of the conference.

    I also like the “Play Manifesto” as it embodies the idea of rolling up your sleeves and digging in! :-)

    I wonder about #4 Sand is for filling buckets… I *think* the intention here is to say that sand is not for throwing, but for using in appropriate ways, but to me sand is for ‘Creating’ in the sandbox, it is the paint to an artist, the clay to a sculptor, the medium for the construction of castles yet unimagined. Sand is for sculpting.

    My favourite is #7 Strangers are friends in waiting… That sums up my digital PLN experience. People spend so much time telling kids to beware of strangers instead of helping them to connect and simply be more savvy about what and how they share. It is a bold statement that challenges many social norms that hold us back from being globally connected collaborators.

    Again, a wonderful presentation… thanks so much for sharing Angela – You Matter!

  3. […] Angela Maiers kicked off the conference with a bang! She opened with an outstanding Pre-Con Keynote full of passion, inspiration and dedication to K12 Online and education! Be sure to check out the full video and resources shared at the K12 Online Conference blog post. […]

  4. Dave,

    Thanks for the wonderful comments. You are spot on with your interpretation of #4: Sand is for filling buckets.

    It is one of the first rules we teach children and that we hope children honor. We work harder and happier when our “buckets are full”; literally and figuratively. There is nothing mor devastating for creative and cooperative work, than an individual in the sandbox that uses the tools and the time to bring another down.

  5. Thank you for your inspiration, Angela! And thanks for “playing” with us! :)


    ~Laurie Hansen & the You Matter Young Leaders

  6. My pleasure Laurie! This is a wonderful time to play, and I could not be more excited about what has been possible in this amazing Sandbox! #youmatter

  7. […] Play” and although the pre-conference keynote by Angela Maiers entitled “The Sandbox Manifesto” has already been presented on Monday, November 21st, you are not out-of-luck as you would be […]

  8. […] Maiers hizo la semana pasada la ponencia de presentación. The Sandbox […]

  9. Mike Wagner says:

    Really like this Angela!

    Strong metaphor of the sandbox and especially of the “sandboxer”. I’d like to see you do more with that image.

    I would say that “rules” at times feels out of place with the overall message which emphasizes messiness and pushing the boundaries. Would something like “mantra” work better?

    “Sharing is caring” really resonated with me. Empathy/caring in a tangible way is in short supply most places. But to play we must be generous with the sand and the sandbox toys.

    Thanks for inviting me to view The Sandbox Manifesto!

    Keep creating…contagious stories, Mike

  10. Thanks Mike- love how you are pushing my thinking! I agree. mantra makes more sense as these are ways of living and learning not rules to obey.

    When you think of “Sandboxers” in your industry, what images come to mind?

  11. Mike Wagner says:

    Great question Angela — When you think of “Sandboxers” in your industry, what images come to mind?

    Whiteboards, flip charts, conference rooms, shop floors, coffee shops, sports bars, golf courses, parking lots. All of these and more can be places of play/work where the Sandbox Manifesto can and does apply.

    Keep creating…playfully,

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  13. […] as a personal reference point for my own learning from the first sessions I’ve heard. “The Sandbox Manifesto” by Angela Maiers Take-away: 1. Sharing is Caring 2. Messy is Good 3. Imagination is Your […]

  14. […] to be playing more in our classroom. So after watching Angela Meier’s pre-conference keynote The Sandbox Manifesto and George Couros’s session on Playing in Public, I decided to let my students […]

  15. Thank you! This presentation needs to be shared with all teachers. The comments from the children were great…”be humble”

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  17. […] presentation is entitled, ‘The Sandbox Manifesto‘ – “The ‘Rules of the Sandbox’ are not just for kids. There is much […]

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  27. […] to be playing more in our classroom. So after watching Angela Meier’s pre-conference keynote The Sandbox Manifesto and George Couros’s session on Playing in Public, I decided to let my students […]

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