Digital Parent Engagement

Presenter: Lorna Costantini
Location: St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
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Presentation Title: Digital Parent Engagement

Presentation Description: Snapshots of Classroom 2.0 Live and Parents as Partners webcasts.

Dr. Debbie Pushor
Mike Herrity
Aviva Dunsiger
Karen Bantuveris
Toronto District School Board
are featured sharing best practices in engaging parents in student learning.

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For more resources about Parent Engagement visit Lorna’s blog Parents as Partners

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  1. Parent Involvement and Parent Engagement are different. Parents that volunteer their services are a necessity but getting a parent to come to school and read might promote literacy. It is important to get the parents involved and their are online things like gmail that have a calendar for parents to use as a guide with the teacher to set up pathways. By allowing the parents easy access like eschool gives parents more clarity on where own child is at and can encourage them to offer suggestions and help in their studies. I love it but as all things we were all hesitant at first. This allows the parent to engage in their childs education. The online voicethread is pretty fantastic too and allows the parent to see what is happening in the class as well as the climate and vocabulary. I agree that it is important to set guidelines for conduct and socializing online for safety and protocol.

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