If You Host It, They Will Come

Presenter: Jennifer Wagner
Location: Murrieta, California, USA
Link to presenter’s K12Online Ning Profile page

Presentation Title: If You Host It, They Will Come

Presentation Description: A chat with Jen Wagner about Online Projects. Ideas of how to start planning your own project. Several projects will be highlighted as “examples” and “possibilities”.

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Additional Information:
Jen’s Blog: www.jenuinetech.com/blog
Jen’s Resource Page: jlwagner.pbworks.com
Jen’s Projects: www.jenuinetech.com
Jen On Twitter: jlwagner

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11 Responses to “If You Host It, They Will Come”

  1. Gail P says:

    Great presentation, one that has motivated me to jump right in. Thanks, Jen.

  2. Jan Wells says:

    Jen, thanks for sharing. I love having my class participate! But, I have wondered what would it take or if I had what it takes to start a project. Your presentation is encouraging. I look forward to getting started. :)

  3. Leigh Newton says:

    Thanks Jennifer. You’ve given me some courage to go ahead and organise this type of collaboration. The motivation of online collaboration is enormous. Now… to settle on a puddle or a well!

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