Screencasting 101

Presenter: Lorna Costantini
Location: St. Catharines Ontario Canada

Presentation Title: Screencasting 101

Presentation Description: This presentation is suited to those new to screencasting. Viewers will learn how to use screencasting to become a “Teacher on Demand.” This session will guide viewers through the use of screencasts to deliver engaging content for online learning as well as learning extensions in face-to-face classrooms. They will discover the advantages of recorded tutorials, illustrated lessons and just-in-time learning using screen recording software including many free online tools. Viewers will be able to apply these concepts to creating their own online instructions and presentations for and with their students. The free screen recording software Jing will be featured in this course. You will also be introduced to the concept of the “flipped classroom” and examples of how it is being used.

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4 Responses to “Screencasting 101”

  1. Hi Lorna,

    Definitely a 101 presentation! Thanks for the wealth of resources in getting started with screencasts. My next step is in creating screencasts for my math lessons. Do you have any recommendations?

  2. Kim Thomas says:

    Love this presentation! Though I use screencasting for PD purposes, I have not looked into ways it could be used in the classroom. We will be using this informative presentation as part of our Spring PD in the Madison School District in Phoenix, AZ. Thanks!

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