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Presenter: Samuel Wright

Location: Vienna, Austria

Creativity. How do you begin, how do you make is the backbone of your classroom? View teachers from around the world how they use creativity within their classroom. Samuel Wright, a composer and educator has put together a variety of musicians and visual arts that demonstrate how they use creativity through collaboration and the arts. Learn from them and from more examples from Samuel below.

Additional Information:

There are many ways to take part in the discussion:

  • Join us at the conference live page for a live panel discussion with educators who have implemented creativity into the classroom on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 1:00pm Greenwich mean time. (9:00am EST; 8:00 CST; 3:00 Vienna)
  • Join our Voxer channel and chime in.
  • Tweet with the hashtag #k12onlineconf. Your tweets will show up in our slow chat here as well as on Twitter.

Additional resources:


Alison Housley International Grammar School, Sydney, Australia
Andrew Mifsud @AndyMifsud Music Teacher, Barker College, Sydney, Australia
Jane-Marie Talese @MsTalese Music Teacher, Tara Anglican School for Girls, Sydney, Australia


Lidia Campanale @LidiaMusic3 Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria
Samuel Wright @Wrightstufmusic Amadeus International School, Vienna, Austria


Jenelle Krusak @kresak2j Tech Coach, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Betty Lin @lietometwo Music Teacher, American International School of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


Alison Armstrong @alisonmusicblog Music Teacher, Vientiane International School, Laos


Eldar Skjørten @EldarSkjorten Music Pedagogue, Eiksmarka Elementary School, Norway

United States

Tricia Fuglestad @fuglefun Visual Arts Teacher, Dryden Elementary School, Arlington Heights, IL USA


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